Way of the Samurai 3

PlayStation 3

Way of the Samurai 3 Trophies

Most Earned

Killer15TrophyTypeFist time killing an enemy.
First Time
First Time16TrophyTypeLearned a skill for the first time.
Payday20TrophyTypeCompleted a job successfully.
Blunt Attack
Blunt Attack21TrophyTypeDefeated an opponent with a Blunt Attack.

Least Earned

Way of The Samurai
Way of The Samurai394TrophyTypeCompleted and discovered all Endings.
Platinum Trophy
Platinum Trophy787TrophyTypeAcquired all the Trophies.
Draw Stance Mastery
Draw Stance Mastery64TrophyTypeMastered all skills of Draw Stance.
Upper Stance Mastery
Upper Stance Mastery63TrophyTypeMastered all skills of Upper Stance.
All Way of the Samurai 3 Trophies

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