9. Watch_Dogs Gang Hideouts

There are 15 gang hideouts throughout Chicago, and finishing each one grants you two skill points. It goes without saying that these hideouts should be considered a higher priority than fixer contracts and criminal convoys, as skill points are key to increasing your potential.

In gang hideouts, you have to find and knock out (usually) one target without killing him. The best way to do this is to simply remain undetected for the duration of your attack on a hideout, and the best way to pinpoint everyone in a hideout is to use a ctOS scan. These scans can be crafted - if you have the skills to do so. Additionally, all targets will always have a two-chevron symbol on them and will never have any kind of special hack (like explosives, comms, reinforcements).

The rules for any side mission (convoy, fixer contract, gang hideout) are as follows:

  • Only about 20 total side missions can appear on the map at once
  • Certain mission types hit a maximum amount of map icons, meaning you'll have to finish some up to make more appear
  • 25 fixer contracts must be completed for one of the gang hideouts to appear

Watch_Dogs | Gang Hideouts

Gang Hideouts


Location: Pawnee

Because there are three targets here, you want to make sure you know who they are as fast as possible. One target is on a dock by himself on the western half of the area; if you can get to him and take out a few normal enemies on the other docks, that should save you some hassle for later. The key to making this hideout safer to traverse is to take out at least two of the targets while remaining undetected.

Once that target is down, look for the other two and work on killing everyone who isn't a target. The next guy to knock down should be near the southern entrance to the hideout. Save the other target for last.

Burning Bridges

Location: Pawnee

There are three targets along the unfinished bridge. Starting at the south side, you should encounter one of the targets, a sniper, and a few other enemies. Take care of the other enemies at your leisure, but make sure you know who the target is so you don't kill him. After you do that, cross some metal walkways underneath the bridge itself to get to the other side and call an elevator up to you. Take out the other side of the bridge (and another target) as you wait for the elevator, then ride down and hit the third target once you reach sea level.

Compliments for the Cook

Location: The Wards

For this hideout, you'll have to be extra careful not to be spotted by the target. This guy'll flee the scene if his detection meter fills up even halfway. To get around this, you'll obviously want to remain undetected the entire time you're here. Assuming you're entering from the west side, you can also use cameras to scour the entire hideout to find the target. This will at least let you know who to kill on sight.

To get to the target, you're going to want to wipe out the west side of the hideout first, just to make sure you remain undetected. Then look to the middle-north of the area for a sniper on top of a box. Kill him with repeated pistol shots (if a headshot fails), then wait to see if other gang members will climb onto the box. Keep looking at the box and kill these enemies if they appear.

After this stops being beneficial, start your approach and clean up any remaining gang members that aren't the target, then go in for the swat once he's the last man standing.


Location: Pawnee

This gang hangs out at a graveyard. Start by running up the slope on the southern edge and taking out the sniper there, then try to scope out the target and kill everyone else around him without being seen. There's a camera at the sniper's nest if you'd like to use it.

That's all there is to say about this place, aside from the fact that there's very little cover for you to use here. You should be fine as long as you recall that you have focus to slow down time.

Gone in a Flash

Location: Brandon Docks

There's a sniper at this loading bay, and he's in a little den on the southern side of the area. Scan the loading bay using cameras and locate as many people as you can, including the target, then take out the sniper quietly. After he's out of the picture, quietly shoot out everyone else without giving the target any big surprises.

The Low Road

Location: Mad Mile

Unlike other hideouts with this kind of layout, this one is pretty easy to sneak into after you kill a few guys near the entrance. As you make your way further into the area, profile enemies and kill them if they're not the target and if they're not near other enemies. Only go for the target once he's either all alone or he's far from the stragglers you haven't dealt with yet.

No Parking

Location: The Loop

This hideout consists of two floors of a parking garage. This is one of the gang hideouts that benefit most from a ctOS scan, so consider using one if you can afford it. There's only one target and he's on the second floor (well, second floor of the hideout). That means you can take out the entire first floor with no hesitation, so do that quietly and efficiently. Using explosives in the area is a no-go; you don't want the target getting antsy.

Once you hit the upper floor, use cameras to locate the target so you know who not to kill. Once you know who the target is, kill everyone else and take him down last.

Out of the Woodwork

Location: Pawnee

There's a lot of cover to work with here, and cameras can help you find the first target. The cover helps immensely with trying to deal with the enemies that are already here. If you're fast enough, you can eliminate the entirety of the first squad before the second target and his group of gang members shows up, which should happen after a few minutes. Take out the second target and clear out the rest of the enemies to keep this place gang-free.


Location: Brandon Docks

You've got to deal with one target on the upper walkways of a warehouse, but gang members are surrounding said warehouse. Use cameras to scout out the exterior and use one of these cameras to connect to one inside the warehouse. Kill everyone you can, as long as he's not the target of course, and knock out the target when he's the last one standing. He has a much harder time escaping this warehouse than other targets at other gang hideouts do.

Port Authority

Location: Brandon Docks

This port hideout is like the previous in that the target is on the upper walkways of a warehouse. As with the Packing gang hideout, you're going to want to wipe out as many enemies outside the warehouse as you can. Then, from a safe distance, try to locate the target and kill as many other enemies as you can before entering to confront the target. Take him down when he's all alone.

Street Cleaning

Location: The Loop

By using cameras, you can scope out the locations of everyone in the hideout, save for about two enemies. If you'd like to take care of one of the harder-to-see enemies right off the bat, enter the hideout from the northern end, as it takes you to an upper parking lot. This lot has one gang member and a set of stairs leading to ground level, and you can easily shoot out most of the remaining enemies from here.

There should be a sniper even higher up from the parking lot, but he might drop down to a visible level after you cause enough carnage down below. It should be safe to knock down the target once all other ground enemies are taken care of, even if the sniper is still active. He's just one guy, after all.

Swap Meet

Location: The Wards

This hideout gave me a little bit of trouble, which isn't something I can say for most of the others on this page. Enter from the east and stay outside of the hideout's boundaries as you kill as many people on the southern side of the area as you can (with your silenced pistol, of course). The target is in the northern half of the area and is relatively close to your position, but you should make an effort to kill as many of his henchmen as possible before running up to get him. There are about three other enemies on the northern edge of the hideout, as well as some strays on the south and west ends, so you want to make sure you're as safe as possible before running in for the knockout blow.

The Tower

Location: Mad Mile

The Tower is just the higher end of a parking garage in the shape of a spire. It's going to take quite a while to get up to the gang members on foot, so I suggest you drive up there and stop when you either see someone or when the game tells you that you've entered the hideout zone.

Because this place runs on a very linear path, it should be very easy to locate all gang members as you make your climb upwards. Do your best to kill all of them, but make sure to profile each one so you can confirm that you're not killing the target. Look for a wooden platform with a ladder leading up to it on your left as you ascend. There's a gang member on top of it (and killing him will be beneficial on the whole), but you can also use this platform to scout out a little more of the surrounding area. The target should be just past this platform.

Two for One

Location: The Loop

There are two targets in this hideout, so you'll really want to make sure you identify them quickly. One is on the rooftop on the west side of the hideout, and the other is kind of in the middle on one of the lower square rooftops. This lower target should barely get in your way.

To get to the rooftops, head to the center of the overall area and look north to find a staircase leading up. From here, climb on over to the eastern set of rooftops and kill the two enemies walking around here. Then use the camera system to identify as many gang members as you can, including the target on the west set of rooftops and a sniper. The target near you is pretty hard to profile.

After doing this, run all the way back around to the western rooftops and kill the sniper and the other enemies near your position. Take down the first target, clear the main rooftop of enemies, and then profile the second target so you can take down the right guy.

Union Dues

Location: Parker Square

For this hideout, approach from the open side to the north and use cameras to identify everyone in the building. Then run along the outer west side of the building and look on the scaffolding for a ladder going up. You can use this to reach the floor of the building that everyone happens to be on, and from here, you can shoot at some enemies without being in the hideout's red zone. Clear the floor of bad guys and save the target for last.

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Complete every Gang Hideout

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