8. Watch_Dogs Fixer Contracts & Criminal Convoys

There are 46 unique fixer contracts and 18 criminal convoys in Watch_Dogs. You have to complete 40 of the fixer contracts (a workaround is below) and all criminal convoys for trophies. Because these missions are mostly reliant on driving, the driving and hacking skills on the skill tree are most important here, but some convoys greatly benefit from the Enforcer Combat Take Down combat skill. Having more skills is obviously going to make these missions easier, but they shouldn't be too hard once you reach that moment of comfortable familiarity with this game.

The rules for any side mission (convoy, fixer contract, gang hideout) are as follows:

  • Only about 20 total side missions can appear on the map at once
  • Certain mission types hit a maximum amount of map icons, meaning you'll have to finish some up to make more appear
  • 25 fixer contracts must be completed for one of the gang hideouts to appear

Watch_Dogs | Fixer Contracts

Because each type of fixer contract is largely the same thing (one Decoy mission is basically the same as another), there isn't much to say on individual level tips. As such, this page will go over the basics for each type of contract and provide locations for where each one is located. You can do all of the fixer contracts if you're a completionist, but you can also read the below box for a workaround for getting the trophy.

The trophy pertaining to fixer contracts requires you to finish 40 total, but people actually get by with simply replaying the same mission multiple times (done by using the fixer contract app in your phone). The contract of choice is the interception contract called The Hunter in Parker Square. To do this mission quickly, use the Destroyer sniper rifle (earned by finishing 10 criminal convoys) to blow up the target's truck with two Destroyer shots from a faraway hilltop before he gets into his car.

You can also just replay any fixer contract you feel like. The downside to replaying contracts and not finishing new ones is that unfinished fixer contracts will continue to plague your map until you finish them - and Ubisoft world maps can get very busy.


Getaway missions put you in the driver's seat of a hot vehicle. You'll have to escape the police or fixers, followed by potential ctOS scans, and then drop off the car at the designated area. The best perks for these missions are Defensive Driver from the driving skill tree, as well as all hacking skills you can use on the road. There are 11 getaway fixer contracts.

The Tracked mission is glitched. Sometimes, the police will never cease their chase after you. To resolve this, you'll have to quit out of the mission entirely.

Getaway Fixer Contracts

Armored PursuitThe Loop
Escape ArtistMad Mile
In the SpotlightBrandon Docks
Members OnlyThe Wards
Pickup and RunBrandon Docks
Playing it SafeThe Loop
Scenic RetreatPawnee
Showroom ConditionMad Mile
TrackedThe Loop
Under ConstructionParker Square


Decoy missions are glorified checkpoint races, except ctOS scans will start to pass through the map to find you. The best skills to have for these missions are Defensive Driver and Off-Road Driver, both of which are in the driving section of the skill tree. Having hacking skills helps for the off chance you get in a serious chase.

No scan should catch you if you're concentrating only on the checkpoints, but if you do get spotted, continue through the checkpoints; there's a chance you'll lose everyone as you speed along. There are 11 decoy fixer contracts.

Decoy Fixer Contracts

BootleggedBrandon Docks
DeceptionMad Mile
DistractionThe Loop
Ghost TrailThe Loop
MisguidedThe Loop
Parker Square RallyParker Square
RaidBrandon Docks
RailroadedParker Square
Ridge RiderBrandon Docks
Trails and TribulationsPawnee
Wild RideMad Mile


Interception contracts require you to find a target, hack his data, and take him out. Sometimes you don't have to hack anyone, and sometimes there are two targets. This type of contract can be done in a few ways: The usual thing to do is tail a guy closely until you've leeched the data off of him, and the other thing to do is neutralize the target so you can take him down and retrieve the data instantly.

The best skills to have here are Offensive Driver and Defensive Driver from the driving section of the skill tree, as well as any amount of hacking skills that can be used on teh road. There are 14 interception fixer contracts.

Interception Fixer Contracts

Bandwidth ExceededBrandon Docks
BufferingThe Loop
Connection InterruptedThe Wards
Data LeechThe Loop
Deadly LoopThe Loop
DerailedBrandon Docks
Double VisionThe Loop
Gateway TimeoutThe Loop
Hard ShoulderThe Wards
Muscle OutBrandon Docks
Number CrunchThe Loop
Road SoldierParker Square
Rogue DataThe Loop
The HunterParker Square


In these missions, you must take a car to a certain point, then take another from that place to the next destination until the chain is finished. You have a certain amount of time to do all of this and are given more time with each new car you start to drive.

The only skill you need to worry about for these missions is Defensive Driver from the driving skill tree. There are 10 transporter fixer contracts.

Transporter Fixer Contracts

Delivery ManBrandon Docks
Grand TriathlonThe Wards
Hot PropertyParker Square
Industry StandardsBrandon Docks
Lap of LuxuryMad Mile
Muscle MemoryThe Loop
Pier PressureBrandon Docks
Straight and NarrowParker Square
The BadlandsPawnee
Urban ExplorationThe Loop

End of Line

Complete 40 Fixer Contracts

End of Line
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Criminal Convoys

Criminal convoys are missions in which you must stop a target from reaching a destination, then either knock them down or kill them. Sometimes, there are two targets, but never more than that, and targets are always surrounded by allies. All of these missions essentially play out the exact same way, like fixer contracts: Ram into a vehicle (or wait for a killable target to drive over a steam pipe, IED or something), kill the enemies you can kill, then go in for the target(s) if they must be knocked down.

The Excessive Force convoy involves a target that must be knocked down, but he's surrounded by cops (because the target is also a cop). For this mission, it's best not to worry about the penalties to your reputation and just go in for as many enemy deaths as it takes to get to the target. There's never a shortage of detected crimes in Chicago.

The final convoy, Requiescat in Pace, demands that all 17 other convoys have been completed. Even then, people have reported that the mission simply isn't popping up for them. The only thing you can really do for it to show up is wait; if you've decided by chance to wait until you've beaten the entirety of the story and all of the required side content before finishing the convoys, here are a few things you can do to spend time:

  • Fixer contracts (It is not reasonable for me to expect anyone to actually finish all 46, so you very likely have some unfinished business there. If not, consider replaying fixer contracts as a last resort.)
  • Cash Run (38 courses total)
  • Idling your controller while doing something else (Unfortunately.)

Watch_Dogs | Criminal Convoys

Criminal Convoys

Road Rage

Complete every Criminal Convoy

Road Rage
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

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