7. Watch_Dogs Act 5

There are only two more missions left in the story. One is a sort of after-credits kind of thing, so there's really only one if you want to get technical. Everything boils down to this. Make sure you're fully prepared and have all of the available skills.

Watch_Dogs | Act 5

5-1 Sometimes You Still Lose

Drive to Chicago's ctOS hub and try to infiltrate it. You won't be able to do it, and this will be when Damien will show off his access to the system. Ray will suggest a last resort: the same virus that he used in 2003. To use it in Chicago, you'll have to avoid Damien's chaos and look to the many icons on your minimap and around your view. The three places you have to upload the virus to will remain stationary; though they may be difficult to pick out, you'll eventually find them if you look hard enough. Reach each location and upload the virus as police try to stop you. Don't bother wasting Jam Coms for the cops' scans.

After uploading the virus, avoid the police - now that Damien has stopped hacking the city, you'll be free to reach the main station and send it to a satellite. Do so and set sail to the lighthouse east of The Loop, encounter Damien and wrap things up for good.

5-2 Guys Like Us

Maurice is the last loose end to tie up. Shoot him or walk away, it's your choice.

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Complete Act 5

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