6. Watch_Dogs Act 4

Watch_Dogs | Act 4

4-1 Someone's Knocking

Drop into the bunker and watch as Defalt, a lone hacker, takes all of Iraq's data from your systems. Work through three rat-shaped puzzles, each slightly increasing in difficulty, then watch as Defalt leaves you empty-handed. He'll leave you an audio file, exposing one of the people involved in Lena's death. Ray will work on fighting Defalt while you're up against Damien.

4-2 In Plain Sight

After meeting with Damien, your identity as the Vigilante will come forth to the public. Quickly get in a vehicle and find the news van Damien is bouncing the signal off of, then take out the driver. A massive ctOS scan will take place to look for you; Try to use Jam Coms until you can hit a shoreline or dock, then take a standard boat (not a taxi boat) and sail off. A fast way to lose the police is to get caught by the scan in the water, then disabling the helicopter with either your phone or bullets. When the chopper is hurt, it'll either continue looking for you or will lose you. If the former happens, hack it again. If it loses you, get out of the search radius before it finds you again.

Ray will tell you he's found Defalt's apartment.

4-3 The Rat's Lair

After calling Ray again, look to the north and right of the road to find a router to Defalt's room. You'll see Ray poke around for a bit before escaping, and once you're back on your side of things, you'll have to help Ray escape Defalt's fixers. You could order him to move from cover to cover, but you could also just eliminate all of the fixers yourself. Do whichever you feel like.

Defalt will sic tons of fixers onto you after you help Ray escape, and because he has access to ctOS, he'll disable any opportunities for you to perform vehicle takedowns. What I ended up doing, instead of playing cat and rat throughout the city again, was to just stand my ground and kill the fixers. After all, you may have explosives and other gear up your sleeve. ctOS isn't your only weapon.

4-4 The Defalt Condition

Now that you know where Defalt is and that he keeps Iraq's files on his person, it's time to hit the club. Profile about three people in the club wearing strange outfits (almost like bodysuits) and then use a camera up above the dance floor to hack a panel on the upper balcony. After getting through Defalt's security, he'll flip you off and head to the rooftops. Follow him there, defeat his fixers, and chase after him by car. You'll want to get close enough to him to retrieve Iraq's data. After taking the data, you're free to kill this Defalt or let him run free, it's up to you.

Note: After this mission, you will earn one of the 23 songs required for the SongSneak collectibles in the progression tree.

4-5 Little Sister

It's time to break Nicki out. Hack into a terminal outside of the fixers' range and help Nicki get to a phone. After that, you're supposed to guide her along to a car so she can escape; ignore that altogether and kill all enemies yourself. Putting things in your control is much easier and will likely be faster than telling Nicki what to do every step of the way. Once she leaves, you're going to pick her and Jackson up to take them out of the city.

4-6 Ghosts of the Past

Pick up your family and drive up towards Pawnee without being caught by the police. The easy thing to do is disable the helicopter and swim through police cars and blockades. If necessary, disable the helicopter again and pass through to upper Parker Square until they call off the search. Drop Nicki and Jackson off and learn who's been behind it all from Ray after they take off.

4-7 No Turning Back (Part 1)

Waltz up to the Merlaut and hack inside to watch Lucky Quinn and Mayor Rushmore stand in front of a crowd for a while, then continue to follow them until you eventually hack through the security room. Once that's done, burst into the hotel and kill off the guards so you can get to the elevator and ride it up.

Quinn will make an escape, somehow. Fight back against the incoming soldiers (including one enforcer) and chase him to his impenetrable room. Pull the shutters up and listen to him talk trash a little bit longer before profiling him and hacking something he's got. After more talking from the old man, hack him again and leave the hotel.

You're expected to escape the police after leaving the hotel. If you actually want to do this, you'll first want to hide behind something and disable the helicopter until it pulls away, then make a mad dash for the docks nearby. Grab a boat and set sail as far as you can south to avoid the search.

The second part of this mission starts immediately after receiving the mission rewards.

4-8 No Turning Back (Part 2)

Ray will call to tell you that Clara has turned herself into Damien, and you can find her at the cemetery in Parker Square. Dock and drive over there - or continue using the boat - to get to her, then fight off the fixers that take over the area. There's only one last thing to do now: Stop Damien.


Complete Act 4

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Note: Before starting Act 5, you should try to have every skill in the skill tree unlocked. This shouldn't be a problem if you've been working on side missions/investigations/collectibles as you progress through the story.


Unlock every Skill in the Skills Tree

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