5. Watch_Dogs Act 3

When you're ready to start Act 3, use the Cash Run challenge warp you (should have) made earlier to make travel much faster.

Watch_Dogs | Act 3

3-1 Hope is a Sad Thing

To find Raymond Kenney, you'll have to (finally) tap into Pawnee's ctOS tower. The tower requires a lot of maneuvering to reach. First, hack a computer near a fishing spot and steal the password from someone near the gazebo on the water, then head to the tower. When you arrive at the tower, you should see three large satellite dishes. Use the camera on the one nearest the gate entrance and look to the right with it towards another satellite dish to open up a router, then use the antenna in the middle of the area to move the dishes. Hack into the camera on the dish farther from the ones you've messed with so far and use it to find a second router.

Enter through the gate, which should now be open, and walk down a set of stairs to hack another access panel, then return to the surface and climb up onto the metal walkway surrounding the lone satellite dish to the west. If it isn't aligned with a metal staircase, use the antenna to shift the dish into place so you can climb onto another dish's walkway. Move the antenna again so you can make your way to the third dish, then hack a lift at ground level so you can ride it down to another underground staircase. From here, you can hack another panel and allow yourself physical access to the ctOS tower, finally showing you the remaining investigation items in Pawnee.

You'll also learn that Ray frequents Jedediah's Bar; find him there and partake in a drinking game, resulting in your waking up in Ray's special little art gallery. He'll give you a tour after you convince him to help you out, and then he'll ask you to get his truck back for him. It's not far, but it's guarded by the Pawnee Militia. Kill off as many as you can and take off with the truck towards the drop-off point Ray has set up, then kill off the Militia chasing you using a trap Ray has placed there (just make sure the truck is in a safe spot when fighting).

Note: You can now finish the Burner Phone, QR Code, and Missing Persons investigations. All investigations, side missions, collectibles, online contract requirements, and mini games can be completed at this point.

Note: Now that the Pawnee ctOS tower has been hacked into, you may now fast travel into Pawnee at your leisure. The Cash Run app teleport is no longer necessary for Pawnee, but teleporting to Frewer is still helpful.

3-2 A Pit of Paranoia

To get into Blume HQ, you'll need to get the security codes from the security chiefs, which happen to be at the other end of a helicopter. Tail the chopper that leaves Blume and follow it to a trailer park to the south. The codes are on two standard guys, but there are two enforcers here as well - not to mention the chopper's gunman. Use the chopper's camera and other cameras around the trailer park to locate as many enemies as you can, then go in to kill as many standard enemies as you can. To make things much easier on yourself, kill the gunman sitting on the side of the chopper so it flies off. Save the enforcers for last.

After hacking the code off of the chiefs, backup will arrive to stop you. Kill them all or escape the scene to successfully pull off the heist. The next big step is to infiltrate Blume and plant a virus into their system, but first, you'll want to get rid of some of their security teams.

3-3 Unstoppable Force

The Pawnee Militia are driving towards Blume in a direct path. If you eliminate this Militia leader, you can weaken Blume's security. This mission is just a convoy attack; take a car and plow into the target at a high speed or set IEDs in place to kill him when he crosses over them. If you do use explosives, make sure you kill the target, because he's the only enforcer of the group. Kill off the others to finish this very short mission.

3-4 The Future is in Blume

With security weakened, drive up to Blume HQ and take a peek into the guard station east of the front gate. You should be able to distract a guard with a phone in the corner; do so and use your silenced pistol to get rid of him, then use the camera in the guard station to unlock the front gate (and the guard station's door, if you wish). From here on out, I suggest moving clockwise around the entirety of Blume HQ to kill all guards in the area to ensure your safety. This is particularly important because getting caught here will result in a game over.

Use Blume's computers and security terminals to break into their servers, then follow a trail of cameras - starting with a body camera - to find Damien Brenks meeting up with one of Blume's executives. It appears he's decided to sell out Raymond Kenney for access to ctOS. After regaining control of Aiden, try to sneak out of Blume or kill everyone looking for you, then exit out a side gate towards a bike. The next mission starts right away.

3-5 For the Portfolio

Hop on a bike and ride it to Ray's place, then clear his place of enemies and help him take out incoming soldiers as he rigs bombs around the area. Once you kill absolutely everyone in your way, follow Ray to a boat and ride off towards the bunker with him.

Note: After this mission, you will earn one of the 23 songs required for the SongSneak collectibles in the progression tree. There is one more song unlocked by advancing through the story.

3-6 By Any Means Necessary

It's time to finish the job Bedbug couldn't do. Infiltrate the courtyard of Rossi-Fremont once again, preferably stealthily, then use a Blackout so Clara and Ray can let you inside. From there, fight all the way up to the top floor and download Iraq's data. After you get it, Iraq will stop you as you try to leave. Listen to him talk for a while and fight off a few of his men. An enforcer with twice the health of a normal one will take the scene up on the roof; if you have the GL-94, use it to kill him, then use focus to put several rounds into Iraq's head once he spawns.

Now that you have what Damien wants, it shouldn't be long before Nicki is safe and sound.

One Down, One to Go

Complete Act 3

One Down, One to Go
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