4. Watch_Dogs Act 2

For those completing as much side content as soon as possible, you can finish all unique fixer contracts (46 total) after finishing Act 1 and without starting the first missions of Act 2. You can also finish all of the gang hideouts and criminal convoys.

Note: If you have the Access Granted DLC (or the three mission DLCs as standalone downloads), the exclusive contracts will become available now. It's ideal to finish these now so you can benefit from their rewards for a longer period of time, but they're not required for any trophies. A page in the walkthrough goes over the exclusive contracts in more detail.

Watch_Dogs | Act 2

2-1 Hold On, Kiddo

Damien will call you and tell you a fun fact: He's in Nicki's house. Drive over there as soon as you can to find only him there; Nicki has been taken hostage and Jacks is nowhere to be seen. After Damien leaves, you'll get a fix on Jacks' location on the L-Train. Find him at the station and send the train ahead so the nearby fixers can't get to him. You're supposed to then reach the next station, but I suggest taking care of the fixers here and now so they're no longer a problem.

After finding Jacks, Aiden will send him to a family friend for a few days, keeping him out of this situation entirely. The only thing Aiden will have to work with is "Racine."

Tools of the Trade

This mission is simply a tutorial on crafting and buying crafting parts. Head to the nearby shop and buy some parts (or none at all) and pawn off some junk if you happen to have any on you.


Another flashback will appear on the map, this time connected to the graveyard. This will be the exact same scene you saw in Act 1. Though you really shouldn't have any desire to see this a second time, you may as well get it out of the way so it's off your map for good.

2-2 Breakable Things

Racine happens to be the last name of a boat refurbisher in the Brandon Docks area. Infiltrate his property and try to knock out all of the enemies to disable the enemy zone on the map. Watch out for an enforcer, one of the heavily-armored guys you saw for the first time in Act 1. There's a skill in the skill tree that allows for taking down enforcers with a melee attack; you probably don't have it yet unless you've been over-leveling, but it's sure helpful.

One of the enemies has the code to Racine's office. Hack it off of him and enter the office to spy on a conversation between Racine and Damien, then rush to stop his escape. An enforcer will block your path right in front of the office; hack some machinery behind him to blow him up, then run after Racine. Try to use focus to shoot out his wheels if you can catch his car in time. If not, chase him down and kill him quickly. If you can disable his car, kill him before he calls for reinforcements.

2-3 Collateral

Note: You will no longer be able to fast travel to the Owl Motel hideout after this mission. If you'd like, place a Cash Run challenge startup at the motel so you can continue to warp here afterwards.

As Aiden obsesses over Damien, Clara will enter the apartment right before some fixers storm the motel. Fight them off and help Clara get to her car as she protects your hard drive, then take off once she leaves.

2-4 One Foot in the Grave

Note: As you approach this mission's starting point, look northeast of the marker underneath the highway. Past some junk and on the other edge of the highway, you should find a red door with a target on it. Place a Cash Run challenge here so you can fast travel here later.

Clara will tell you about the legend the first testing site for ctOS, which is on its own island. Bridge access has been shut off and a brisk swim is apparently out of the question, so look to the east of the bridge's connecting position for some camera access. You'll find that a man named Tobias Frewer can cross the bridge at will. Walk with Clara to his shop to learn that he simply isn't home right now; a jailbroken phone from a nearby homeless citizen can reveal to you that he's playing poker in Parker Square.

Fixers were tapping into the same phone you were and now also know his location. Find a car and stop the fixer, then do the same for his backup crew so you can infiltrate the poker game without any hitches. Being the paranoid-ridden man Frewer is, he'll quickly leave the poker game after Aiden pushes a bit too far. Chase him down and use your baton on him to get him talking. He'll give you the bridge remote and will offer to sell you things at his shop from here on out.

2-5 A Blank Spot There-ish

To get the bunker operational again, you'll need to turn on the three generators on the island. The first one you can reach is fairly easy to get to. Look for a blue lift on the northeast side of the building and ride it to the top. When you get to a locked gate, look past the fence for a camera and use it to detonate some explosives. Then switch to another camera so you can unlock the gate and reach the generator.

Take another lift back down and use a motorcycle or car nearby to reach the second generator's southwest side (you'll be on the road on the map). From there, you should spot a camera just in view past a green container; use it to switch to another camera, unlocking a gate. Next, look around for a carrier a bit back up the road and use it to ascend, then climb some crates to the left of the carrier so you can move past the gate you unlocked. Ride another lift down to ground level and activate the second generator.

To return to your vehicle, drop into the river splitting the bunker's island in half. You should very quickly find a closed-off dock on the right. Enter it and use a door to return to the street, then drive toward the last generator. You'll have to use cameras to move a stacking crane a few times before you can unlock another gate in your way, but once you do, look to the southwest for a crane. Climb on top of the container it's connected to and use it to reach the last generator.

With all three generators powered up, you can now fast travel to the island (outside of missions) and can enter the bunker for the first time. Ride a hidden container to the bunker and check it out, then help Clara turn on the power. The IP address you have leads to the Viceroys, a gang in The Wards.

2-6 Jury-Rigged

This mission consists of only one enemy-dense area: the Rossi-Fremont neighborhood. Because you have to hack three security terminals out of commission, I suggest killing every gang member in the area and only hacking the terminals once you're completely out of harm's way. After finishing up, leave the area to finish the mission.

Note: If you have scanned all nine weapons crates for the weapons trade investigation, Frewer will call you to send you the final location for this investigation.

2-7 Grandma's Bulldog

Return to the bunker and infiltrate Rossi-Fremont remotely. To find what you're looking for, you'll have to move from one camera to the next all throughout the building the IP address came from. Though this takes a while, it isn't very complicated. You'll eventually come to the office of the leader of the Viceroys, Iraq, and his cousin, Bedbug. This guy is the best shot Aiden and Clara have at infiltrating Rossi-Fremont.

2-8 Not a Job for Tyrone

In order for Bedbug to be useful to you, you'll have to dig up something against him. Hack into his house and plant a bug onto his phone, then trail him as you record some juicy material for blackmail later. Then, as he walks through a yard full of junk and fences, sneak in a little bit yourself and use cameras to keep an eye on him. You're not allowed to kill anyone here, so you'll want to focus on putting yourself in a good position before hacking cameras.

Bedbug will talk to another Viceroy named Rabbit at the end of his walk. Upset at the news that he's up next to be killed, he'll try to shoot Rabbit; save him, then tell Rabbit to hide in a corner safe from Viceroy harm. Leave your camera and kill the Viceroys hunting Rabbit, then start walking out to leave the area as you talk to him.

Bedbug won't be of use to you dead. You're going to have to make him a star.

2-9 Uninvited

At the start of the mission, Jordi will give you some IEDs. Reach the brickery Bedbug was meant to be killed at and set up some traps for the incoming Viceroys. Be aware that you need a car later, so using IEDs might not be the best option for you when it comes to dealing with vehicles. However you go about it, kill all incoming Viceroys and hop into one of their cars before picking up the phone on the table. One remaining Viceroy sent in to kill Bedbug will try to make an escape; track him down in one of the cars and kill him, then reach Bedbug and scare him into working with you.

Note: After this mission, you will earn one of the 23 songs required for the SongSneak collectibles in the progression tree. There are two more songs unlocked by advancing through the story.

2-10 Breadcrumbs

Lucky Quinn's hosting an auction of some kind, the kind of thing Iraq will be at. To infiltrate it, you'll need to assume the identity of someone at the guest list, but to do that, you'll need the guest list. Watch as it switches hands from one gang member to the next, and as it takes off in a boat, either use a vehicle or scan up the river for another boat so you can tail the briefcase. Watch as the guy with the briefcase sets it down, then feel free to kill any and/or all gang members in the vicinity. Taking pictures and sending them to Clara will wrap things up here. Now, it's time to pay a visit to an unfortunate pick off of the guest list.

2-11 Stare into the Abyss

Crispin is at the auto dealership. Hack into the camera system and watch as he moves along the lot. He'll stop in an office all by himself when you get control back; when this happens, scan the entire dealership for Crispin and enemies, then (optionally) disable all of the guards' reinforcements. If you wish, you may kill the one guard by the entrance near where you hacked into the dealership's security, but that's about it.

Disable as many reinforcement systems as you desire, then circle around the dealership so you're in front of the fancy purple car Crispin wants. Shoot at the glass to scare him, causing him to get into the car. If you're in the right position, you can kill him easily with focus and take his car before it even leaves the lot.

Drive on over to the Infinite 92 and pick up the "Poppy Special." Meeting with Poppy will get you the physical invitation to the auction. Now you'll just have to show up.

2-12 A Risky Bid

At the auction, you'll be relieved of your gear as you're shown up to Lucky Quinn's office. Iraq will be there, and you'll get a chance to scan his dog tags. Do so, take Poppy out of harm's way, then work on your escape. Though it's possible to leave silently, it can be hard to do so before you get your weapons back on a table. However you go about it, leave and get in a car to escape the area.

Nicki's friend will call you to let you know that Jacks is missing. Aiden will locate him somewhere in Mad Mile.

Note: The Human Trafficking investigation can now be started and completed.

2-13 Role Model

Jacks has hidden himself deep in a mob-controlled building. This mission is simple: Kill everyone, then kill the guys that come in from two cars. If you're lucky, you can trigger two steam pipes at the same time, destroying both cars instantly. Take Jacks out of the building and send him back to Yolanda to make sure he's safe.

2-14 Planting a Bug

Bedbug's time to shine is now. First, you'll have to get relatively close to keep a connection with him. Take out a group of Viceroys in a vacant lot and hide in a spare room, then connect with Bedbug. This will be just like your previous excursion through Iraq's cameras, except now you'll have to command Bedbug to move when other Viceroys' backs are turned. Once you get to Iraq's office, part of the download will start before Iraq bursts in.

With that family conflict going on upstairs, Viceroys will hone in on you at ground level. Try to drive a fair distance away, regardless of whether they spot you or not, and stop to kill the remaining gang members if they're still chasing you. The mission may end much faster if you decide to just take on your attackers instead of trying to run away from them.

2-15 Way Off the Grid

Clara will suggest that even though you don't have the full file on Rose Washington, there's nothing you could do about it because it'd be decrypted. The only man who can decrypt it is the man who made it: Raymond Kenney. Clara will track the signal of a computer that can, in turn, track him - even though you don't have the Rose Washington file. Head over there from the bunker and work on taking data from it while being attacked by fixers.

The fixers that attack you will never "run out" as you collect data from the old computer, so if you want to stay resourceful, only kill enemies when they're getting too dangerous for you. Clean the place out once you get what you want, then chase after a runaway with the info on where to find Kenney. This guy will drive a fire truck into oncoming traffic for quite a while. If you can avoid the police ctOS scan, things will run a lot more smoothly for you, but the truck seems to only disable by hacking things like blockers, traffic lights, steam pipes, etc. Stop the truck and kill the fixers to end Act 2.

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