16. Watch_Dogs Bad Blood DLC: T-Bone Missions

The story for Bad Blood unfolds over ten missions in three acts. There are also side missions and investigations to take place in, for which you can find information on the page. This DLC should not be played until after you have beaten the main game.

Watch_Dogs | Bad Blood

1-1 T-Bwned

The story starts with Ray already inside of Blume, doing something hacky as two guards come to check in on him. He'll eventually take care of the situation and you'll gain control of him. Ride a forklift up to a ladder and intrude into the next room so you can spot two guards. You're going to want to wait until one of the guards is entirely upstairs before entering so he doesn't spot you as you walk in. Once he is, knock down the one guy in the room, take some electronic parts, and head upstairs.

One of the new things you can do in this building is shut employees into their office. Do so with the guy who went upstairs (and his buddy), then make your way down the hall. You can hack a guard's body camera down at the other end, but it'd probably be faster if you just started going for silenced headshots all the way until you reach and use a computer in someone's office. The windows behind you will be shot open, leaving you fully open to the Blume security team; take them down however you can (there are some explosive objects near some enemies) and head to Ray's new hidey-hole. Take the night off and sleep to finish about 2/3 of the mission.

When Ray wakes up, it'll be to Frewer calling him from the trunk of a car. With his bouncy signal, get a ride of your own and try to locate him, then stop the driver and kill him before taking Frewer back to your place. The mission will end after a little bickering.

Ray will call his investigator friend for help, who will turn him towards looking into the various gangs in Chicago.

Note: Ray's skill tree is somewhat different from Aiden's. He starts with many skills already unlocked, but also gains levels at an accelerated rate. The Street Sweep skills are earned through progression and do not require skill points.

Note: For the sake of trophies, you're going to want to aim for 100% completion in the progression wheel. Or at the very least, near 100%. Audio logs do not affect any trophies.

1-2 Fading Signal

This mission is a tutorial for the Chicago South Club contracts you'll be completing as an honorary detective. For this one, there are two targets you have to knock out. Profile everyone in the building using cameras before starting to peck off the insignificant enemies with your pistol, then go in for the big knockouts. This should be pretty simple.

1-3 Needs of the Few

Ray is off to break into Frewer's old lab, BlumeForge. Take your trusty RC car Eugene and be on your way. As you drive to BlumeForge, you'll hear that Defalt's newest album has been selling many more copies after his run-in with the Vigilante. But how is that possible?

Getting inside is fairly simple; just take out the guards and move towards the elevator. The majority of your trip through BlumeForge will be puzzle-based, with many lasers you also have to avoid. You'll be using Eugene here to move through grates to hack things remotely. When you use Eugene in a much wider area, use phones to distract guards so you can move past them.

After checking out Blume's records on Frewer, you'll learn that he's now a high-priority target, much like Ray. Leave to the open air by killing all guards that come looking for you when the power is off, as well as everyone looking for you when you get out of the elevator. You can also just escape when you're outside, but that's obviously not as fun.

T-Bone: Friends in Need

Complete Act 1

T-Bone: Friends in Need
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Now that you have your RC car, it'd be a good idea to start working on all of the side missions you have to take part in. Having those skills will be greatly beneficial to you, and so will just get all of them out of the way. For the one miscellaneous trophy for this DLC, you'll want to kill four enemies at once with the RC car. This requires your Militia investigation level to be at least 15 so you can earn their last related Street Sweep skill.

2-1 Bait

Note: Please do not start this mission until you're able to detonate your RC car.

The start of finding out why so many fixers are after Frewer involves using him to get a fixer to bite. Drive him to where he used to live and follow him around, profiling anyone who might be a threat. After reaching the area underneath the highway, Frewer will be pestered by another homeless man. This is actually the fixer you're after; try to get ready to knock him down as soon as he draws a gun, then follow Frewer to his hideout.

Several dozen fixers will swarm Frewer's place after he gets behind his big safe door. Take this opportunity to wait for at least four fixers to group up in a pile so you can detonate your RC car to kill at least that many in one blast.

T-Bone: Negative Eugenics

Kill 4 enemies at once by blowing up the RC Car

T-Bone: Negative Eugenics
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Use his weaponized cameras to kill them all more efficiently than if you did it by yourself, then hack the original fixer's phone to locate the head behind the attack. Chase him down to steal his data (or hopefully, stop him before then so you can kill him and hack it within about a second) to find the fixers' base of operations.

Note: The Fox Hunt investigation can now be started and completed. See the next page for more details.

2-2 Illusions

You and Frewer will drive to the fixers' construction site. Kill off everyone and hack into their systems to find out what they've been up to, then slip into a building and kill off the guys protecting the security system. You'll then want to move to a sniping position after Frewer spies on the newly-arrived fixers and their ambulance; after getting there, provide cover fire for Frewer as he progresses towards the controls for the crane here. The crane will take you toward their base of operations, which you'll reach after you bypass yet another horde of fixers.

After logging in and getting some info on the police's mole they found, the fixers and the mole will take off. Frewer will give chase and will eventually tell you where they stopped.

Note: The Council of Daves investigation can now be started and completed. See the next page for more details.

2-3 Bad Medicine

Get onto the beach and take a boat to the mansion on the other coast. There are fixers all over and inside the house, so if you want to be stealthy, you'll have to be very precise and use focus wisely. To get inside the house, look on the north side for some stairs into the basement. Work your way up from there to the second floor's outer balcony, then peek into some of the rooms with doors to the balcony using cameras. The middle room has the mole in it.

Ray will call the cops to make sure the investigator can safely leave the house. Because of this, you'll want to immediately drop out of the balcony, disable the police chopper, and run to the docks you came from so you can hop onto a boat and truly escape the police. The next move is to advance towards the name you got from the mole: Jack Finely.

2-4 Connections

Finely will be at a bar, but he won't be the one getting the short end of the stick. After you start to wake up, move your reticle around and solve a few simple puzzles from the drinking minigame, then tail after Finely to figure out where he's going. Wipe out absolutely everyone there, then send Defalt a message through his computer and upload a virus to it afterward. The virus must be uploaded through close proximity, but that shouldn't be an issue; the cover provided by the computer should be plenty.

Enemies will continue to spawn in until the virus has been uploaded. Kill the stragglers after it's done so you can safely use the computer and find Defalt's location.

T-Bone: No Easy Fix

Complete Act 2

T-Bone: No Easy Fix
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

3-1 Ghosts

Defalt obviously expects you at the building he was standing in front of. Take care of the enemies patrolling the wrecked lot and hack your way inside, then walk through Defalt's museum. After you've finished, either kill all fixers (another squad has taken over the area) or escape. That'll be it for this mission.

3-2 Hold the Line

Note: If you haven't obtained the Negative Eugenics trophy, try to look for opportunities in this mission and the next. Otherwise, you'll want to try to find four enemies grouped up during a street sweep mission.

Defalt has sent fixers to the silo, and they're already inside waiting for you. Head down to the bottom floor (where you picked up Eugene) and fight off the guys already inside, then continue holding off the next few waves of enemies as Frewer helps keep Defalt at bay. Frewer will join you at the bottom floor once you've taken care of everyone. The only thing left to do is to take care of a pest problem over in The Loop.

3-3 The Verdict

To infiltrate Defalt's lair, you'll have to get through an alley full of fixers. This shouldn't be too difficult given the layout and amount of cameras you can use to spot enemies. At the end, hack some stuff inside a train car to meet up with Frewer.

After helping Frewer get further into the lair, you'll find yourself in a circular room with even more fixers. One of them is an enforcer, who has half of the code necessary to move past a locked gate. Another standard enemy has the other half; you could profile everyone if you want, but you could also just go around and try to kill everyone you can silently. After that is a small area in which Defalt will use some pretty harsh sounds to mess with you. For Ray's sake and yours, kill the fixers here and shut it off as fast as you can. You'll soon reach a window that looks over a maze.

Frewer is inside this maze and needs to get from one end to the next. Use cameras to guide him through it, using some objects to distract some enemies until Frewer makes it to the other end. He'll let you in so you can make your way through, but the walls will fall and you'll be faced against all of the fixers (and more). This would be a good time to try to blow up at least four enemies at once with Eugene if you need to.

Get through another door for the rest of the DLC's cutscenes. You'll have to do a bit of hacking with Frewer once he holds his phone up, but for the most part, you'll be able to sit back and watch how the story ends. Get ready for perhaps the greatest credits scene of all time.

T-Bone: Pest Control

Complete Act 3

T-Bone: Pest Control
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

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