13. Watch_Dogs Exclusive Contracts (Access Granted DLC)

Exclusive Contracts are available through individual DLC packs, or all three with the Access Granted Pack. These missions are not tied to any trophies and do not yield any particularly great benefits, so don't feel obligated to purchase any of this DLC if you don't want to. All three contracts become available after finishing Act 1.

Watch_Dogs | Exclusive Contracts

Exclusive Contracts


This mission is available with the Breakthrough Pack.

This contract is simply a criminal convoy mission. Your targets must be knocked down, not killed, and the reward for doing so is some free vehicles for the Car on Demand app, as well as some discounts on cars within the app.

Signature Shot

This mission is available with the Signature Shot Pack.

One of the Viceroy hideaways holds a biometric weapon - something only the owner can use (though that's not really an issue in this game). DedSec will lead you to one of the Viceroys, who you'll have to tail for several minutes until you find the stronghold he's associated with. Simply kill everyone here and take the weapon for yourself to end this mission.

The Palace

This mission is available with The Palace Pack.

A hacker named Danny SoSueMe has a lot of info on Aiden (and others) that must be destroyed. Find his mansion and take care of the enemies protecting the place, then use two ctOS boxes around the place to hack into his house's cameras. From here, you can wipe his laptop, but you'll also learn that he has 10 backup hard drives scattered around Chicago as a failsafe. For now, don't worry about that; Danny will start to flee in a car after you wipe his computer. Ignore all incoming enemies and quickly head to a vehicle for yourself so you can catch Danny. Take him out and look out for the hard drives at the following locations:

Hard Drives

After wiping all of the hard drives, SoSueMe's plans will be foiled and you should earn a bonus amount of cash when hacking ATMs.

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