12. Watch_Dogs Mini Games

The Mini Game section of the progression wheel is mostly optional, but taking part in these games can yield good benefits (some better than others). Some preliminary info and some videos on the types of games that would benefit from having them are here on this page. You earn a trophy for trying out five different city games - if you've done what's on this page and haven't gotten it, try out a game of slots somewhere.

Shell Game

The shell game, or what many call the cup game, is just keeping track of where the ball goes as it moves under and between three cups on a table. There's no skill in winning at least three levels of the shell game - it just takes good perception (or the exploit in the next paragraph). There are three levels to win, and each level has three rounds (15 total). Of course, the reward for finishing the third level of the shell game is just a +500 experience bonus in a game chock-full of ways to get experience, so this might be something you pass up on.

With a high enough brightness setting on either the game or your computer, you can simply cn_start pause the game when all three cups have stopped moving and just look for the ball. It should be visible underneath one of the cups. With this trick, you can easily finish any round of all five levels of the shell game, should you so choose. This would be a neat way to make some small money relatively early on, but only in higher payments from higher levels.


Poker is, well, poker. The difficulty of winning depends on how high the stakes are, which depends on the location you play at. It'd be of great help if you already knew how to play poker, but if you don't, you can easily find the rules for it online.

To finish the progression wheel's task of playing poker, you've got to clear out the table, which means you have to take everyone else's money at the table. This can be a bit tedious, especially due to how long it takes, so feel free to just not do this. Depending on the room you're in, you can use cameras to peek at your opponents' cards if you really felt like it.

What worked for me was to bet wildly high after someone suddenly makes a big bet of their own. This should cause everyone to fold, giving you the chips of the opponent's original big bet. And if you're really just desperate to win, go all in as soon as possible and see what happens.


NVZN is a game you can play anywhere thanks to the wonders of VR. All you have to do is point a pixel-y gun at some pink pixel-y aliens and shoot them until they're all gone. After four rounds is a bonus round, and the fifth round starts after that, so keep that in mind if you're looking to get the Auto Weapons Expert skill someday.


The drinking game can be played at three different locations, each of which has its own difficulty to it. There are three locations total with ten levels each, and all must be completed for a trophy. For whatever reason, people have had trouble with the drinking games at launch, but it should be pretty simple and straight-forward now.

There are two types of minigames from drinking. One requires you to move either cn_LS or cn_RS in a circle until the symbol's meter is full; after it is, you just have to press the associated cn_L2 or cn_R2. The second type of minigame puts you in control of a circle radius and asks you to press cn_Xcn_Ocn_Scn_T when hovering over those buttons on the screen. Some of the face button prompts can lead to other ones or switch between two certain buttons. The hardest drinking opponent switches between these two game modes, which is kind of better than introducing a third playstyle.

All of this is done with the screen getting progressively blurrier and things being harder to control. After winning a level, your opponent will be too drunk to play. Just wait for about ten seconds or so and he should be sober and ready for more action. Again, beating all three opponents at all ten of their levels will give you a trophy - the only trophy in the Mini Games section.

Social Lubricant

Complete level 10 against all 3 Drinking Game opponents

Social Lubricant
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player


The progress wheel requires you to beat at least 10/30 levels of chess puzzles. Your total of 10 can come from a combination of the three sets of 10 available. All puzzles can be found at the east end of Mad Mile, so just go there and save yourself some time. You only need to finish ten puzzles; having a 3-star ranking in each one is not necessary. The best puzzles to complete are the ten in the path set, by far.

Path puzzles are relatively easy. For these, you must plan out your movements so you can wipe out all pawns on the board in as few moves as possible. For the sake of just finishing these, consider only the maximum amount of turns you have.

Survival puzzles set you up with a certain set of pieces, and you're tasked with surviving as long as you can. The amount of turns you have to survive seems generous, but it's actually fairly easy to get caught in checkmate.

End Game puzzles task you with putting your opponent in checkmate. Like with Survival, these require much more thought and are difficult due to the fact that you've got to ensure your opponent's defeat in a certain amount of turns.

Cash Run

Watch_Dogs | Cash Run

Cash Run is a parkour-ish type of game where you must start at a certain point and collect coins in as fast a time as possible. Depending on your time, you might earn a bronze, silver, or gold medal. A gold medal is what gives you a new pistol, and if you're not interested in a pistol, feel free to just ignore Cash Run altogether. If you like getting good times, however, a playlist of all 38 courses is here for you to test your own times against.

Cash Run

Power Cycle

Participate in 5 different City Games

Power Cycle
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

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