11. Watch_Dogs Collectibles

Collectibles come in many forms. Some are actual collectibles, some are small diversions, and others are just checking in at hotspots. Of all the collectibles in the progression wheel, the only kind not required for trophies is audio logs, but that's because you'll be finding tons of those through investigations anyway. You can basically finish up all collectible types except for SongSneak songs during or after Act 1, depending on when you decide to tackle the ctOS towers around Chicago.


SongSneak is a music app that adds songs to your library after hearing them once. There are 23 songs total that you need to acquire, and this is definitely more complicated than you might think it'd be at first glance.

To start, three songs can only be obtained by hacking them out of citizens' phones when they're listening to them. Three other songs are obtained through story progression. All of the 17 other songs can be obtained by either hacking phones or using the SongSneak app on your phone menu when the song is playing from a speaker somewhere. When using the speaker method, never change the song on the speaker yourself; that'll just change it to a song you definitely already have, making you wait longer for your desired song to appear.

A chart listing all required songs is below.

Ms. CrumbyThe AuditionHack from Phones Only
Cluj NapocaBryan Doherty BandMad Mile Chess (West)
The Loop Chess (West)
The Loop Poker
Brandon Docks Chess
Funeral SingersCalifoneParker Square Chess
Mad Mile Chess (West)
The Loop Chess (West)
Brandon Docks Chess
Pawnee Pharmacy
Wake Up SunshineChicagoParker Square Pawn Shop
The Loop Restaurant (North/South)
Never AgainDanko JonesMad Mile Gun Shop
The Loop Gun Shop
Brandon Docks Slots
Pawnee Drinking Game
Pawnee Gun Shop
Bright IdeaDrew GressThe Loop Poker
SimplifyHenhouse ProwlersMad Mile Gun Shop
The Loop Chess (Central/South)
The Loop Gun Shop
Brandon Docks Slots
Pawnee Gun Shop
My My MyJamie LonoParker Square Poker
Parker Square Slots
Brandon Docks Restaurant
Where the Sidewalk EndsJDPThe Wards Gun Shop
The Wards Pawn Shop
Conduction (Santiago & Bushido Remix)Johnny FiascoFinish Act 4-4
TalkJulia KleeThe Loop Chess (Central/South)
The Loop Restaurant (North/South)
Pawnee Pharmacy
Out to Lunch (Feat. The Kid Daytona)Kidz in the HallThe Wards Gun Shop
The Wards Pawn Shop
You Burnt MeLil Ed and the Blues ImperialsParker Square Pawn Shop
Parker Square Poker
The Wards Chess
Brandon Docks Bar
Pawnee Gun Shop
Going Down HighMadina LakeMad Mile Restaurant
Mad Mile Slots
DanceMickeyParker Square Gun Shop
Parker Square Pawn Shop
Parker Square Slots
Brandon Docks Restaurant
Jesus Built My Hot RodMinistryFinish Act 3-5
Blvck and White (Feat. SRH)muGzHack from Phones Only
The BottomThe Record LowMad Mile Gun Shop
The Loop Gun Shop
Dark SteeringSquare PusherHack from Phones Only
Lost BoysSummer GirlfriendsParker Square Chess
High Class Slim Came Floatin' InTortoiseThe Loop Poker
Alarm ClocksThe VindictivesParker Square Slots
Brandon Docks Restaurant
C.R.E.A.M.Wu Tang ClanFinish Act 2-11

Disk Space Full

Unlock every song with the SongSneak app

Disk Space Full
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Privacy Invasions

Privacy Invasions

Parker Square 1You're going to have to follow the white trail all the way to another house a fair walking distance away, then make sure you extend your reach by passing by another house between the first and the target.
Parker Square 2The first router you have to hack is a bit northwest of the main one and is between two fences. The second can be seen if you hack the camera directly north of the main router.
Parker Square 3Follow the trail for this router south and up some stairs to a parking lot. If you stand by a protector in the ground, you should be able to just barely reach the first router with your phone from where you're standing.
Parker Square 4A stairway leads up to the router.
Parker Square 5This is another router that requires you to find two other routers first. There's a camera to the northwest that can spot both boxes.
Mad Mile 1Unlock pieces using the one timed piece. Most of the pieces are unlocked in a clockwise direction.
Mad Mile 2The first router you need to hack is a bit of a distance away and is on the corner of a car dealership building. The second router is high up on a balcony and you must use a camera to see it.
Mad Mile 3There's a forklift north of this invasion that you'll have to use to get close enough to the router. You have to work fast, as this invasion constantly ticks away at a 30-second timed piece. Rotate the lower pieces to work up towards unlocking one of the corner pieces, then do so again and finish the invasion.
Mad Mile 4You should be able to easily locate the two preliminary routers for this invasion using nearby cameras. The paths to each should easily be matched with a respective camera in the area.
Mad Mile 5There are no time-sensitive pieces in this puzzle. It should be pretty easy to get through, too.
Mad Mile 6The router is not protected by other routers. Unlock one piece each on your left and right side, then work on unlocking the pieces in the upper left and right corners so you can go in for the kill.
Mad Mile 7There are fortunately no time-sensitive pieces for this puzzle. Work your way from about 7 o'clock counterclockwise to unlock pieces.
Mad Mile 8You're going to have to drop down into the tunnel near this invasion's router so you can find the others that connect to it. Fortunately, you can use a camera above the main router to finish the invasion instead of having to climb back up to it.
The Loop 1First, set up the puzzle so you can unlock the upper right piece very quickly, then unlock it and stop the timer piece from ticking. Continue to finish the puzzle by positioning the T piece so it's upside-down and making the L piece just southeast of it to be in an L formation. The lowest piece should move the circuit left.
The Loop 2The final solution to this puzzle requires the lowest T piece to be turned with its flat side to the right and the T piece northeast of it to be upside-down. Work from there to finish the puzzle. This invasion stars Aisha Tyler, one of Ubisoft's big stars you may have seen on the stage at E3.
The Loop 3Simply use cameras to the east and locate the two routers connected to the main one. The first is on the ground level, but you really ought to just spot it from a camera so you don't have to walk towards it yourself.
The Loop 4This puzzle runs on a minute timer and requires you to use the lower section of the puzzle to work on moving upwards. If you're quick on your feet, a minute should be plenty of time.
The Loop 5For this puzzle, keep the timed T piece in place so that it connects with all three paths it can possibly connect to, then finish the puzzle like normal. The timed piece only really has to be used to unlock a piece, and that's it.
The Loop 6Hack cameras until you can reach the other end of the alley. This saves you the hassle of running to the two routers down there yourself.
The Loop 7This is an extremely easy puzzle. Finishing it requires no guidance.
The Loop 8Focus on moving the lower pieces of this puzzle around so you can unlock all three locked pieces, then wrap things up by using them to finish the connection.
The Loop 9The first router in this chain is behind a garage door, so you may as well run over to it to unlock it. There doesn't seem to be a good connection through cameras that lets you access it easily. As you run back toward the main router, unlock two more side routers to finish the connection.
The Loop 10This puzzle runs on a timer, but it's fortunately extremely easy. Just move the T pieces so they connect with everything and you should be done in very few seconds.
The Wards 1Look around for cameras around the corner and follow the white trail to the first router, then use a closer camera to hack the second router.
The Wards 2Use a trail of cameras to locate the two initial routers - one on a roof and another atop a small building - and then reach the initial router at ground level.
The Wards 3The first router here is on a rooftop southwest of the invasion's map marker. The second is at ground level and a third is southeast on a rooftop. The main router is at ground level.
The Wards 4The main router is just at ground level with no strings attached. Unlock the piece "in front of you" first, then the one towards the right side of the screen.
The Wards 5A house west of the privacy invasion's map icon hosts the first router, and another house nearby has the second.
Brandon Docks 1The main router can be hacked immediately. To start, move the two T pieces on both sides of the puzzle so they move the blue code to all other directions. Then break the corner pieces free and use them to finish up the invasion.
Brandon Docks 2The first router to hack is in the northeast area of the same building the invasion is at. The second is pretty close to the main router and can be hacked just by looking at it.

Privacy invasions are slight diversions in which you can watch something happen in someone's home. These are very easy to do. Some locations require you to trail the signal wiring for a security router to other areas so you can push your access into it. Others require you to do a simple hacking minigame that only asks that you move blue trails around. Some joints can only be unlocked after giving proper power to that joint.

After successfully accessing a security router, you're given a small glimpse into the lives of others. A majority of these are pretty depressing scenes. If you're wondering, waiting for the security system to time out does not result in anything bad happening to you. Some invasions let you hack objects in houses that grant small amounts of money.


Complete every Privacy Invasion

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ctOS Towers

ctOS Towers

TowerHow to Access
Parker Square 1Enter the fence from the south side and look for a camera on the northern wall. Use it to drop a forklift to reveal another camera. This one can see a panel that will allow you to reach the tower.
Parker Square 2There's a small courtyard in the set of buildings this tower resides in. Enter the yard and look in the west half for a forklift in a fenced-in area that you can use to climb up to the roofs. By using another lift, you can reach the tower and easily hack the door open using a camera.
Mad Mile 1Drop down to the northern shore of this small island and stand on the docks. From here, you can use a camera to hack open a door that can take you upstairs. Simply follow the white trail towards another panel, then make a short jog to the tower.
Mad Mile 2Look around the complex for a panel at ground level, hack it, and then look for a lift to get to the roofs. Move along the roofs and look for more white-blue signal trails until you reach the tower.
Mad Mile 3This tower is atop a garage. Run up to the second floor and use a staircase (open a brown door in a corner) to get to the second-highest floor. From there, drop down towards a ladder and start your ascent to the tower.
The Loop 1This tower is in the courtyard between two larger buildings. There's only one panel here, and you can hack it using the camera near the tower itself. Climb up to the tower using lifts or ladders.
The Loop 2Start by using a lift in the alleyways to get to a low roof, then climb up as high as you can. Then use cameras to open up the path to the tower.
The Loop 3Like before, climb up as high as you can using a lift, then use cameras to open the path to the tower.
The Wards 1There's a set of stairs across the street that lead to the railway. You'll have to run across it to another rooftop, then use a camera to cause an explosion so you can hack a panel.
The Wards 2Climb up to the first door in your way, then use cameras to open the first door. Move south on the rooftops to hack a second panel, then continue to the tower.
Brandon Docks 1You'll need to use a lift to get across a bridge over the ground. Use a camera to look into a room to the west, then backtrack and open up your path to the tower.
Brandon Docks 2One camera in the nearby area can hack your way through a small building. There's an explosive set of equipment that, when used, will move some junk out of your way so you can use a lift. The lift takes you to the tower.
Brandon Docks 3The first hackable panel is on a small, lone building to the southeast. Hack it, then drive the car in front of it into the open carrier and raise it up. Drive the car through the fences once the carrier is at maximum height, then climb a ladder to reach the tower.

ctOS towers give you access to new hideouts and show side content on the map, and it's apparent that you should want to break into these as soon as possible. A tower can only be hacked into once you've breached the ctOS network in a region. Doing so for all of them rewards you with a trophy as well. Above is a chart with information on how to access each tower.

Clear Signals

Unlock every ctOS Tower

Clear Signals
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ctOS Breaches

ctOS Breaches

Parker Square 1Immediately look east for a bridge and run across it. Run to the second box (the first after starting) and use a nearby car to drive to the other spots.
Parker Square 2Start with the northernmost box and climb up to it, then run south to another at ground level. Climb on top of some stuff so you can hack it, then take a nearby car to the next box. A camera can reach the fourth box, and another east from the last can reach that one.
Parker Square 3The lone ctOS box nearest you can be reached by climbing some wooden palettes on the side of the ledge it's on. One is on the water's edge, another can be seen by a camera, and another has to be climbed to using scaffolding.
Parker Square 4Two of the four boxes are blocked by junk. If you really have trouble getting the junk out of the way, try shooting it with a strong gun.
Mad Mile 1To reach the starting box, climb up the central ring of buildings so you can use a glass bridge to close in on it. From the box, run to the southeast corner of the rooftops and hack the box there, and then do the same for the northeast corner. Return to where the middle box was and work on making your way down to the street. You'll next want to use a lift in the southwest corner of the neighborhood to raise up to a locked gate; hack it open using a camera overlooking the plaza (the router that opens it is on the northern wall of the plaza). Then run to the fourth box once you've opened the gate. Drop down to street level and head to the northwest corner of the neighborhood to find a way up to this set of rooftops. Hack the northwest box by climbing some ladders.
Mad Mile 2There's a lift on the west side of the building the starting box is on. Use it and run to another lift to finally start the breach. Use the lift you recently used and make it reach its lowest point, then drop off to the ground (you can just barely survive the fall). Head east and use a camera to reach the southernmost box. The remaining boxes can be hacked at ground level with little effort.
Mad Mile 3The first box is high up on the western wall of the building it's on, but it can be hacked if you're on the ground. Run to the street corner to the east and hack the camera high up the wall so you can hack the closest ctOS box. The next two boxes are at ground level and can be hacked easily, and the last can be reached by just hacking a lift.
The Loop 1Bring a small- or regular-sized vehicle with you for this breach. Hacking the first box is easy; it's just behind a trash can. Drive along the path near the water and hack the two ctOS boxes at your level, then drive off onto the pier. Get off when you see the path leading down to some docks by a bridge and use a boat to reach the last two boxes.
The Loop 2The first box is in the open by some plants. As soon as the breach starts, cross the street north and open the door to a parking garage, find the box inside, and hack it. Then return to the street and head a bit west into an alley. Climb onto a garbage bin north of where this ctOS box is hiding so you can climb up to it. There should be two boxes left. The southern one can be hacked by just running up to it and looking at it, and the northern one can be hacked with a camera.
The Loop 3The first box is on the southern side of a pillar. Run south and get to the boardwalk, then run west to hack the box there while standing on the ground. Next, take a boat and drive over to the box underneath the bridge, then park the boat to the north at a dock. After running up the stairs to get back to street level, you should be very close to your fourth ctOS box. Hack it and run over towards the last box, which can be hacked by a camera.
The Wards 1The first box can be hacked with a nearby camera. The four other boxes can be hacked with simple camera work; look around and you shouldn't have many problems finding which cameras work.
Brandon Docks 1The first box must be reached by running on the train tracks above street level. Return to the ground and run to the east side of a building with the closest ctOS box on it, then climb up to that box to hack it. Use a forklift on the southern side of the next box's building, then run up to the last two boxes. Keep using cameras to hack these boxes.
Brandon Docks 2The only way to start this breach is to take a tall moving truck (one may be nearby) and move it to the southeast corner of the breach's marker on the map. There's a tall staircase here that can only be accessed with a parked truck. Run down the staircase and drop off to the east, then run north up another set of stairs and hack the closest box. Return to ground level, move a forklift, and hack the next one. The second-to-last box has debris and fuel canisters in front of it, so fire at the fuel until it explodes, then use a nearby camera to hack it. You can swim to the last camera by jumping off the nearby bridge into the water below.
Brandon Docks 3To start this breach, hack the first box by using a camera west of it. After the breach starts, the lone box closest to you can be hacked by making a carrier descend and riding it back up. The southern box of the remaining three is deep inside a container; you'll have to climb other containers to the east to get to it. Cameras can hack the remaining two boxes.
Brandon Docks 4Hack the first box by standing at ground level, then run west into an alley and take the lift up to a rooftop. From here, run towards one of the ctOS boxes and hack it, then run east towards a lift that looks like it'd be completely useless. Ride this to the top so you can hack a camera that can reach the third box. The fourth box can be hacked with a camera on the east side of the building it's on, and the last box can be hacked using a camera in a construction yard. The camera you need is underneath a metal walkway.
Brandon Docks 5The starting box is on the back of a small building. The westernmost box requires you to hack a lift, but the other three can be accessed with cameras.

ctOS breaches are started by hacking a ctOS box. Doing this activates its related set of boxes that must be hacked in a certain timeframe. Each successful ctOS breach rewards you with an audio log.

System Mangler

Complete every ctOS Breach

System Mangler
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

City Hotspots

There are 100 hotspots all around Chicago that you can check in at. People can leave gifts for others at hotspots, but since this game is so old already, don't expect any good exchanges. The trophy related to hotspots requires you to check in to all 100 unique locations, which you'd best do with online invasions set to off and with a few hours to spare so you can knock these all out at once.

People have had trouble finding certain hotspots because their icons are underneath criminal convoys, fixer contracts, or gang hideouts. There are two ways around this:

  1. Look on the map and reach every hotspot you can find on your own. Then use the hotspot app to search for currently unvisited hotspots and set a waypoint to any that you've missed.
  2. Just finish the side missions before attempting to find all hotspots. That way, they won't be blocking your view on the map. Granted, that means finishing almost 80 missions just to make hotspots more visible, but you have to finish a fair amount of these missions anyway.


Check in at every Hotspot

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Audio Logs

Audio logs are sound bytes you should find laying around as you complete story missions and work on investigations. These are overall only beneficial for some story background, but there's an experience bonus for you if/when you listen to 10 of them.

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