7. Watch_Dogs 2 Misc TrophiesUpdate notes

There are numerous miscellaneous trophies to earn here in San Francisco before you head out to another adventure. Some are easy and some take a little preparation, but they're plentiful.


There are two very easy trophies for buying cheap clothes. First, go to any Plainstock and look in the shoe section for Gatorfeet (basically crocs). Buy the Whine Country variant here, then fast travel to the Nudle vending machine in southeast Silicon Valley. Buy any shirt here for the second trophy.

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The largest money trophy is for buying 25 cars from auto dealerships, of which there are two. Auto Elite sells fancy stuff you might flaunt online, but for the sake of getting the trophy, buy your cars at Total Motors. The bare minimum cost for this trophy is under $300,000. It's a bit pricey, but try to buy the Merengue under the Standard Vehicles section of Total Motors for another trophy later.


These three trophies are for taking part in the variety of races to be held in the bay area. These are very easy; locate a race icon on your map and get started from there. For the sailboat races, you'll need to buy a boat in Marin first and speak to a man in that area to unlock them in general. Bike races are marked in green and are called motocross races on the map; do the Downtown Dash race to perform a 140m jump at the end (if you boost). To start drone races, visit the spot near the San Francisco hackerspace to bring them to the world.


The biggest photography trophy is for reaching 25/57 of the ScoutX app landmarks and taking pictures of them. These pictures can be selfies or from your drone, as long as they register in the upper left corner. Each ScoutX photo earns you 8,000 followers. Some locations are only available at certain times of the day. If you're in San Francisco, look for the donut guy and check the below section on what to do with him.

The other two trophies are very simple. For the first, just walk around with your camera app in use and pose until someone behind you poses with you. Not exactly the definition of a photobomb, but sure, Ubisoft. Another trophy can be yours if you capture the spew of vomit exiting some poor soul's mouth. Drunks are frequently found by the restaurant at Jack London Square in Oakland, or at Rhonda's Restaurant west of Swan Leavitt Observatory (southwest of Silicon Valley). You might want to change the time to night using a hackerspace so the drunkards actually show up.


There are lots of people walking dogs - pet 10 of them, or one dog 10 times, for a trophy. Additionally, there's a donut guy in San Francisco (use ScoutX to find him, since he's his own landmark). Use the police-related social engineering skills to call the cops on him to reunite these lovers.


San Francisco is famous for its cable cars, which are the red vehicles moving on tracks in the road. Hop on one and stand on the side for a while.

Next up is a strange trophy for driving the Merengue in the Standard Vehicle tab of your Car on Demand app. You can buy it for about $44,000 from Total Motors, which is recommended since they're rare in the open world. Once you have one, just drive it around for a while until you hit 4,000 meters.

The vehicle directional hack is the first in the vehicle section of research. Look for a car parked on the side of the road and get onto the roof, then hack it to move forwards and backwards until the trophy pops. You can also try this on the actual road, but you're prone to hitting other cars and flying off - not that that resets your total or anything. As long as you get 200m in distance on one specific car, you'll get your trophy.

The final transit trophy belongs to one of seven unique vehicles. Because this is San Francisco, it only makes sense to go for the Rainbow Missile. Go to Silicon Valley on the map and look for San Mateo to the northwest. See how the neighborhood is split into left and right halves? You want to go to the southeast corner of the left half. There's a small enemy-controlled section that contains a fabulous motorcycle, the Rainbow Missile. You can use your drone to spot it and it appears as a collectible icon on the map once you've seen it. Simply sit on it for a second or two until the trophy pops.


You know what a bus is, right? Hijack one of them, and a boat, for two trophies.

Stealth takedowns are self-explanatory, and you should very likely do 30 of them if you're a stealthy person. If not, simply look around for enemy-controlled land and do some takedowns there.

Finally, there's escaping a maximum-notoriety police chase. If you haven't obtained this throughout any other gameplay, replay Looking Glass - !Nvite to Mayhem once you have the skill that disables helicopters. During the chase at the end of the mission, kill more cops and civilians until you reach a Lv5 felony, then escape however you can.

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