4. Watch_Dogs 2 Side OperationsUpdate notes

Side operations, aside from a select few, are entirely optional. You can easily tell which is optional by whether there's a trophy on this page for completing it. Despite this, you ought to finish whatever you can anyway; they're great and you can always use more experience.

Oakland Side Operations

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San Francisco Side Operations

Silicon Valley Side Operations

Always On

Sitara's niece streams almost all the time using an insecure feed. She wants to teach her a lesson in internet security. Hack into her router outside and mess with her remote. That's all it takes to piss off teenagers.

Automata (Human Conditions DLC)

Note: This operation is available after completing the main operation Limp Nudle.

Nudle's Keynote: Talk with Wrench at the point given to you. Go to the west edge of the marker to find a path to roof access. He'll show you a Nudle press conference talking about self-driving cars.

Nudle Engineer Mission: Select the Nudle Engineer Mission from your Driver SF app and start it, then head towards his destination at a comfortable pace. When he tells you to head to his work building, speed to it and use vehicle boosting if you can.

Open Source Release: Use hacker vision to get into a camera near the car blueprints, then hack into the robots to attract and kill a guy with anti-hack gear. If you can't kill him and shut it off now, see if you can send gangs or the cops after him. If you can't do that either, go into the place yourself or use your robots. Work on downloading the car blueprints only after you get the system key for this building. Leave once you have the blueprints.

Home Investigation: Now that you have the blueprints, you need the vice president's biometrics to actually drive this prototype vehicle. Hack into the camera above the VP so you can get a system key and break into his laptop. Get a picture of his retina from his laptop computer, then approach his house to do some more digging. There are loads of guards and security around his house so be careful. When you've done enough damage to the security, throw your jumper into the house and get all three voice samples. Now it's time to get the prototype car, which is at WKZ's studio.

Biometric Heist: Take out the two guys in front of one of the entrances into the WKZ building, then drive your jumper through it to get to a system key. Your jumper can also plant both devices to spy on the offices. If the car is destroyed, the mission fails, so be careful if trying to kill the rest of the guards remotely. Simply hop into the vehicle when nobody's looking to get this section over with. Next, while the car is driving itself, hack out the police until Marcus finally decides to deactivate the auto driving. Escape the police when you have control.

Bad Medicine (Human Conditions DLC)

Note: This operation is available after completing the main operation Hacker War.

Josh and Wrench want to see you at the hackerspace. Hackers have been messing with hospitals by injecting ransomware into their devices.

Streamer and Chill: The ransomware was planted at Streamer's servers. Use your drone to get into one of the building's rooms. Hack a different jumper and use it to take the system key further in on this floor. When you have the key, drive to the northwest corner of the main room and jump along some junk to reach a blue wire trail. This takes you back to where you started; open the door and use cameras when looking down the exhaust chamber to activate more servers to take you down. Get to a lower point and hack the line puzzle into existence, then upload your backdoor and leave.

Eyes on the Prize: Your team has located the source of the ransomware. You'll come across a threatening man looking for the same people you are.

Things Get Complicated: Talk to Josh in the hackerspace, then go upstairs. Go with him to Bratva territory and stay out of sight while your ally goes nuts with his sniper rifle. Use your drone in tandem with his chaos to really break the Bratva forces, then get up to the laptop to download files on their operation. Using the crane is a slow but surefire way to get up there. Defend yourself while you leech their data, then meet at your ally's designated spot and escape a few more bad guys.

Boarding Party: The Bratva hacker is aboard a yacht, that massive one in the bay. Drive a boat over to the border of its enemy zone and mess with the ground floor using your drone for a little while. Next, park your boat at the front of the yacht and hack into the saferoom camera using your drone and hacker vision. This prompts three security points that need to be disabled before you can properly use the ransomware key. Deal as much damage as you can with your drone, then go onto the boat yourself and take care of things personally to disable his security. When your fellow Bratva-hater deals with the hacker in his own way, leave the yacht on boat.

Bad Publicity

Someone named Pr0_Lapz has been swatting streamers, but he's been doing so under the DedSec name. Climb to Pr0_Lapz's router from the northeast corner of his building. Once you're into his room, use the phone behind him to call the police, then hack into the toy on the shelf above it. Disconnect his game from here so he screams some nasty stuff into the phone; there's another item you can interact with before the cops show up.

Bottom Dollar

A DedSec ally has developed a ctOS ATM exploit for you to test out. Hack into several ATM routers throughout the city and tamper with transactions.

Caustic Progress (Human Conditions DLC)

Note: This operation is available after completing the main operation Hacker War.

Lenni has some information about some homeless people injected with nanomachines. Good thing there are no strong-armed senators involved.

Huddled Masses: Speak to some homeless people to investigate the situation. After finding a piece of medical equipment, use your drone to zoom around and look for three clues by following paths. You're looking for two men and a barking dog. Grab the bag by the dog by driving your jumper north of where the dog is stuck.

Physical Exam: One of your scouts has been peeking at the medical clinic. Start the hack on the doctor's datapad from afar, then kill him when his radius is outside the enemy area. Simply stand outside the fence and take his data, then use your jumper to inject viruses into the three mobile clinics. Leave when they're all infected.

Scientific Imperative: Work with Lenni to break into RenSense's labs, then kill all of the guards and sabotage the project. To get the pipes to explode, hack the valves on them, then hack the main controls. Leave the building and watch as Lenni's escape plays out.

eKart Challenge

Note: This operation is available after completing the main operation CyberDriver.

A guy named Taylor is trying his best with his team for Nudle's eKart challenge, but it's just not up to standard with Stanford.

Stanford Challenge: Hop into the seat and race around the track to give them a win. You can use boosts from your vehicle research (if possible) to cn_X speed up as long as your botnet charge will last you. You should drive on the sidewalk, grass, whatever it takes - cutting corners is absolutely acceptable in eKart races.

Pimpin' the eKart: Drive a short way away from the track and use your RC jumper to fit into the fence and grab a new eKart battery. Or just get in there yourself.

Castro Challenge: Now that you've got a new battery, you'll be zooming along this Castro District track. Well, you would be, but it seems like everyone else has a new battery too. There aren't as many corners to cut in this race, so hopefully, you can count on vehicle boosting from your research.

Need More Pimpin': Fast travel to the Nudle Vending Machine and lug your jumper up the kiddie slide so you can get to the last upgrade part.

Downtown Challenge: The last eKart race. There isn't any room to cut corners without plowing through lots of heavy junk, so just stick to driving well and boosting when you can. When you win this championship race, Oakland will reclaim some glory from Stanford.

Ghost Signals

An old NSA trick is back up in the San Francisco area.

Data Chase: Drive onto the Golden Gate Bridge and fall into the water once you're far enough away from the shore, then swim to land and enter the building through a garage door. Hack the computer, then work on the puzzle on the walls to get out of there. To solve it when you have all the pieces unlocked, start with the source on the servers and turn the path right using the angle piece. Turn it again into the end signal. This should be a very short path. The left path on the wall should move down, then through a straight piece, then down again until it hits the endpoint. The right path on the wall should go straight, then down at the angle, then right.

Once you're done here, consider picking up the key data if you don't have it yet, then run along the bridge's path to track the signal's source.

Whiteout: Now that you're done having fun, wipe your presence from the system by using the router outside the source building. You'll have to use hacker vision to view the other side of the room.

Haum Intruder

One of the higher-ups at HAUM is a known pedophile and needs to be given some of his own medicine. Travel to his house and climb up to the roof to get into his router, then mess with his stuff until the feed cuts out. A shame that you can't do very much to this guy. The next mission in this set is Schadenfreude.

A High Price to Pay

Bobo Dakes, a popular musician, is rumored to be selling his next album exclusively to one seller. This man, Gene Carcani, has mocked people with leukemia whilst raising his price for leukemia treatment well over the affordable amount, so people have naturally found the whole ordeal to be pretty upsetting. DedSec's plan is to trick Carcani into sending $2 million to you without him knowing about it, and to do that, you'll need some unheard Dakes tracks to play for him.

Sneak Peek: Bobo Dakes keeps his new songs on his phone, which makes things extremely easy for you. Drive over to where he lives and just hack his phone when you get close enough. It's that easy.

Chump Change: Carcani's PC and phone access is tied to the router just outside his house. Hack into it, throw a virus into his PC, and call the guy to watch your plan unfold.

Infected Bytes

This side operation can be started at a number of places in the San Francisco area.

A hacker named HaDoCk has infected some phones, including Retr0's, with a virus that replaces texts with zombie-like quotes.

Phone Tag: Hack the other three phones that have been infected. These are the other locations you could've started this operation at, so they're not very far. Use the drone to get to higher areas so you don't have to hassle as much.

Device Zero: The first device is being kept by a homeless man who frequently camps out by a gang hideout. Either infiltrate the area yourself or just use your drone to pop over the wall to hack the phone. Even though he's left a warning message, Josh'll launch the cleaning program to remove Zombi2 from the network.

Kickin' It Old School

After completing Whistleblower, you'll be able to tie up a few loose ends.

Antisocial: Look for a jammer near the houseboat port using hacker vision, then disable it. Break into a houseboat in the area to find that HaDoCk has been talking with someone, and that someone has been keeping an eye out for two specific people using that jammer.

V.I.P.: Just use your drone to hack two people having phone calls. No need for fighting. Next, fast travel to the tourist kiosk at Vista Point and listen to one more call.

Legacy: Because Mikkelsen leaked lots of NSA info, his family is still at risk of being attacked. Reach the one single laptop containing all of his family records(?!?), which is protected by a group of gang members. Just take them out and hack the laptop, or let your drone make a quick run into the small building it's in so you don't have to do any fighting.

Moscow Gambit (No Compromise DLC)

Note: This operation is available during or after completing the main operation Hacker War.

Cheeky Bastard: Sitara is looking to attack some individuals in the porn industry. Make your way to the roof using the path on the southeast wall of the building (with some jumper assistance). Hack into another router, then use hacker vision to look for a system key and an alien sex robot. Hack a laptop with that robot and make it take a lift down to a bunch of filming sets. Hack cameras until you get into his phone, then race back to the cameras in his room before he comes back. Hack his laptop and watch Marcus set up a film of his own.

Under Pressure: After hanging out with your crew for a little while, use hacker vision to escape a large machine. Your weapons and droids are in another room and you'll have to go get them; if you want to keep the loadout you had before, don't pick up any enemy weapons and hack a system key so you can get to your stuff. Leave the scene when you have your things back.

Cripple the Bratva: Wrench wants to be in charge of hitting the Bratva, which means it'll be fast and mean. But for now, the Bratva plan to frame DedSec for certain crimes, so speak to a DedSec scout and get over there. Do what you usually do. If your drone can drop explosives, you can destroy all five targets whilst remaining in a boat. Just sail away from their territory when you're done to finish the operation.

A Grand Finale: Wrench's plan is finally coming into play. Your job is to draw the Bratva away from your allies and toward yourself. Ignore everything about trying to escape and instead focus on driving through all the checkpoints laid for you. Use hacks to destroy your pursuers if convenient. At the end of the line, you're directed to steal a Bratva boat loaded with narcotics. Lose their tail first so you can more safely infiltrate their territory to get to the boat (dying also works to remove your heat). When you're inside, drive it to your allies and launch Wrench's masterpiece.

The Name Game

Some sort of system is doxxing DedSec members.

Wrong Answer: Locate the other three payphones and throw some infections into them.

On the Line: Use your drone to hack the device on the roof. Easy.

Operator Speaking: Use your drone again to solve a linking puzzle, then go in yourself to physically mess with the doxxer's router.

Rogue Radio: Drive to Yerba Buena and do what you usually do: Kill everyone around you. You need to do a physical data transfer here, so you want to make sure the whole place is secure first. Key data is literally at your feet when you do this, so you may as well pick it up now. Lastly, look straight up and hack the top of the radio tower.

Paint Job

[quote]Note: This operation is available after completing the main operation False Profits.

Daknews: Look for a red lift in the parking lot east of where you need to meet Sitara, then use it to get to the roof. She'll ask you to help spread DedSec graffiti around the city, starting with the billboard next to you.

First Steps: The first set of high points are fairly easy to reach. If you ever have trouble finding them, use your drone to look around for a forklift or lift. The northernmost point is easy to reach; just climb stuff in the courtyard in the middle of the building. As for the high point south of the Nudle building, finagle a nearby forklift into a place near the building east of the target, then climb up to the roof using the very top point of the machine. The point northeast of Nudle has a forklift in enemy-controlled territory. Drive it out and park it by a garage door opening very close to here, then take yourself up. Use another lift to get to the target.

Making the Mark: You now have five high points to tag. At the Silicon Valley high point, start climbing at the northwest corner of the building. At the west San Francisco point, use the crane at the other end of the street. At the east San Francisco point, just take the stairs at the northeast corner of the building and use a vent with your jumper. At the north Oakland point, look in the alley next to the William Finn next to it and use the lift there. Finally, at the south Oakland point, start your ascent with a ladder in the alleys.

Master Class: Four more. At the north Oakland point, use your drone to find a forklift and drive it off, then use it to get yourself to the place it came from. At the south Oakland point, just use the crane. At the north San Francisco point, use a lift above the alleys. At the south San Francisco point, set your Nudle Maps to the marker and boost-drive from the highway until you land by the billboard.

Yeah, Right: There's one more place to tag: the Golden Gate Bridge. Drive to the marker and circle around the big metal beam until you find a lift way above you. The lifts above you take you to all four graffiti points.

Pink Slips

A medical company named Pharmingtons is firing all employees who show a remote interest in DedSec.

Black Sheep: Hack into Pharmingtons by breaking into their systems using a linking puzzle. Use your drone if you have one for an easier time.

Pro Bono: Now that you know what's going on, look for Pharmingtons's finance computer and hack into it manually.

Primary Target

The NSA and Greystrom has decided to capture HaDoCk. This operation becomes available after finishing Kickin' It Old School.

Fly on the Wall: Chuck your drone up to the roof of the parking garage so you can listen in on an agent's conversation. After you realize who this guy is working for, look for another agent south of here and use your drone once again. These agents all tend to linger around the same place at one point or another every day.

Countermeasure: Hack into the NSA safehouse by fighting off the security company guards on the ground. Use the lift to get higher up. You'll have to do a little linking puzzle to get into the router. Your efforts will help you find one of the men going after HaDoCk.

Focal Point: There should only be one human enemy and a pair of security robots protecting RedBeard's house. This should be easy pickings for your stun gun. Once you break into the router, Mess with his stuff - all of his stuff - and ruin the entire operation. Now this story comes to an end.


ProviBlue has been raising peoples' insurance rates by using a "risk clause."

Word Up: Look for a ProviBlue employee with Sitara's help. Marcus will be a tool about it.

Risk Clause: Hack into ProviBlue using a physical hack into their systems. The router is only guarded by about five enemies, so it shouldn't take long for you to reach it.

Payback: Marcus wants to mess with the heads of the company directly. Look in a nearby drive for their limo routes by using your RC jumper. You're allowed to disable the CFO and CEO however you want; stun or kill them to make stealing their data much easier. It seems like they'll survive to see their rates explode.


Some people have had their living expenses skyrocket all at once.

Under the 'Hood: Use your drone to hack a small ctOS box.

Boxing Day: Reach and hack the remaining ctOS boxes. You may have to enter enemy areas to get to some routers before you can hack a box.

Rodentia Academy

[quote]Note: This operation is available after completing the main operation Looking Glass.

Word has spread of a group of rat-masked individuals. This has made one of your friends very concerned.

Masquerade: Meet one of your followers about the rat problem, then hack the three people wearing masks. These three are planning to expose people to promote their message, but their message is going to be poorly executed.

Rat Trap: Climb up to the building router and break into it to find a little server area playing Defalt's Theme from Watch_Dogs. Very nice. Simply hack this group's machinery and they'll be eviscerated.

Pest Control: The previous mission revealed the location of Rodentia Academy's gear. To destroy it, use explosives or large objects.


Now that HAUM's pedophile has been exposed, you may as well make fun of the CEO even more than you already have. All you need to do is drive up to the target building and hack his treadmill until he falls off.


The Auntie Shus and the Bratvas are about to trade something, and one of Retr0's friends thinks it's a human trafficking operation.

Bad Intentions: Hack the target phone with your drone so you don't have to fight anyone.

Swap Meet: Reach the deal location and use your drone to get into a yellow shipping container. The gangs are looking to capture a very important enemy of theirs, and he's about to fall into a trap.

Fox: Break into the Bratva territory and hack their router. Distract the guard walking in front of your hero's cell to help him out.

Stolen Signals

Someone is leeching data from citizens and is directing it toward Coit Tower.

Tattletales: There are two stingrays around the area that you need to hack. These can be reached with your drone. This looks like Greystrom, an American defense contractor.

Peak Data: Use your drone to hack the stingray at the top of Coit Tower.

Permission Denied: All that's left to do is hit Greystrom for what they're doing. When you reach their warehouse, you should find a router to hack near the bottom of the stairs leading to the roof. Marcus will hit 'em hard.


Ubisoft higher-ups are worried about people leaking their next big game. Use a red lift near the Ubisoft offices to get towards the roof. Hack into their systems and check out that sweet trailer.


This operation is only available after completing Infected Bytes and Stolen Signals.

After punishing Greystrom, a whistleblower inside the company will come to DedSec to try to spill the beans.

Homewreckers: Head to the northern objective, the whistleblower's bank, and find the red lift at the southeast corner of the bank's building. Sit inside and lift yourself up way above the bank's router, then start up your jumper and let it drop in to activate it for you. Next, drive this lift all the way to Fassbender's house. It's a long drive, but there aren't any easy-to-find lifts in that area and you still need one. Use it to meet up with a lift that leads to the roof.

Intervention: Fassbender is about to jump from a building. Hack his computer, then use his phone to call people until he reaches a conclusion.

The Zodiac Killer (Root Access DLC)

[quote]Note: This operation is available after completing the main operation Looking Glass.

SFPD have received a cryptogram from an anonymous source, and it's very reminiscent of the Zodiac Killer's old work.

Crypto: There are four cops in front of the router that gives you access to the cryptogram. Hack into the cops' towers to get what you came for - and to learn they're working with Prime_Eight to crack the code.

Prime_Eight Directive: Just drive up to some Prime_Eight thugs and use your quadcopter (or cameras) to hack into their phone conversation without having to put up a fight.

Rigged Game: Prime_Eight has found high-tech equipment at the StarTer Oil Refinery. Since they're incompetent, they won't be there when you show up. The access point is barred from your reach. Walk south to the crane, then look by three yellow portable toilets for a hole your jumper can fit into. Use the tech the jumper brings you to so you can decrypt the code.

Marks the Spot: Sail out to the point marked on the map and hack the phone there to get a message from this presumed Zodiac Killer.

This Is The Zodiac Speaking: Reach the three clues the new Zodiac has left behind and photograph them. At the salt farm, use your drone to fly just barely out into the water. There's a dead body with a note on it on a rig; take a picture with your drone. At Crystal Springs Dam, toss your drone out and look at the scaffolding next to the freeway. You should see four blue barrels placed next to each other near the top; the next clue is here. The clue at the station is west of the main building and the train station itself; you'll be able to hear it when you get close. It's in a rust-colored shipping container with the middle open on both sides. The Zodiac Killer will message you once again on !Nvite.

Mt. Diablo: You'll need to boost cell tower signals if you want to find the killer. Get to the towers and climb up a little ways from the thin alleyway. Drop down to a lower roof/awning and use a lift above you to get higher up. Near the top, use explosives or an electroshock device to get rid of the wooden barrier preventing you from getting to the highest roof.

Crackproof: Zodiac is at Alcatraz, for some reason. The router that leads closer to him is protected by only around for gang members. Hack into the Zodiac's laptop and listen to his final message to you.


[quote]Note: This operation is available during or after completing the main operation Hacker War.

Josh has found some injustice in Blume's systems, influencing police activity. Expose them of their crimes.

M$ Dollar Block: Talk to a social worker, then access the ctOS box on the nearby building. You next have to steal a car the police were going to take from the 580s; set traps into place for you to use later, but keep in mind that the first car to enter the area is going to be the target. Drive the car to the dropoff point once you're out of harm's way.

Talking Smack: After talking to Miranda, head to the scene of a drug deal and prepare another ambush. Your goal this time is to destroy all three trucks, so plant explosives wherever it looks convenient. Don't forget your drone if it can also drop 'em.

EMTezcas: The last deal is another vehicle, this time one you have to keep intact and deliver. If you decide to plant explosives, make sure they're at the tail ends of the red-outlined cars so the ambulance isn't destroyed. Drop it off in front of FBI headquarters.

Jailbird Blues: Time for the last ambush. Talk to a tour guide and stay on the roof when you appear there. The optimal play is to use your jumper and drone to take care of many or all of the enemies holding your witness hostage. Break him out and escape the island on boat to end the operation.

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