Warhammer Quest

PlayStation 4

Warhammer Quest Trophies

Most Earned

The Best Defence
The Best Defence16TrophyTypeComplete an entire adventure without healing any warriors.
Mighty Blow
Mighty Blow19TrophyTypeA Warrior loses all of their wounds from one hit.
BOOM!20TrophyTypeKill a boss in one hit.
Old Nell
Old Nell21TrophyTypeTaste a haunch of Old Nell.

Least Earned

Hero of Averland
Hero of Averland47TrophyTypeComplete all settlement quests in Averland.
Heads Up
Heads Up285TrophyTypeComplete the final quest in Averland.
Hardcore285TrophyTypeFinish the game on Hardcore.
All Trophies
All Trophies569TrophyTypeCollect all available Trophies.
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