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Posted on 06 January 19 at 19:03
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Alot of F2P games aren't anything to write home about. Most are almost pointless as games, unless you're talking about games like Neverwinter and ofcourse Warface.

It sounds like a generic shooter and for the largest part of it, it pretty much is but behind all the typical drawbacks a F2P game tends to suffer with, this seems to drae strength from them.

It's main strength is in its co-op modes, it makes you act like a team, not on the same scale as Bulletstorm maybe, but it does work really well with the right team around you.

Its PVP is pretty weak, allbeit quite fun still. You won't struggle to find gamea (as of 6/1/19) but it may take a little bit to get used to as most players are unforgiving.
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