Wanted Corp. (PS3)

PlayStation 3

Wanted Corp. (PS3) Trophies

Most Earned

Back in jail
Back in jail16TrophyTypeCapture a fugitive and transfer him to Wanted Corp.
Diamond dust
Diamond dust16TrophyTypeTransform a frozen fugitive into diamond dust with Maddogg.<br />
Tri-band20TrophyTypeArrest a fugitive with a ring after 3 successive bounces.<br />
Distant partners
Distant partners23TrophyTypePlay a mission online.<br />

Least Earned

Spring cleaning
Spring cleaning33TrophyTypeComplete a Barghest arena before time runs out.<br />
Shopaholic66TrophyTypeBuy all the store’s upgrades.<br />
Nerd fighter
Nerd fighter66TrophyTypeCollect all the game’s archives. <br />
In the can King Kong!
In the can King Kong!66TrophyTypeCapture Big Monkey Grunk and transfer him to Wanted Corp.<br />
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