Wakeboarding HD

PlayStation 3

Wakeboarding HD Trophies

Most Earned

Astronaut16TrophyTypeCollect 100 stars in a single Action Chain.
Vandal22TrophyTypeBreak, overturn, and crash or sweep away 500 objects in completed missions.
Hardcore24TrophyTypeScore twice as much points as required in any mission where the points are one of the goals.
Perfect Balance
Perfect Balance29TrophyTypeSpend 5 minutes balancing in completed missions.

Least Earned

The King of Iron Wake Tournament
The King of Iron Wake Tournament176TrophyTypeWin 10 times (gold medal + all additional goals) in a row in any different single player missions.
Acrobat71TrophyTypePerform each trick (except Balance and Slide) 10 times in completed missions.
Tough Rival
Tough Rival66TrophyTypeIncrease score multiplier to 20 or more for both players in Split Screen simultaneously (you don’t have to score points).
Main Dish
Main Dish66TrophyTypeLet a shark eat you when your score multiplier is 20 or higher.
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