WWE '12

PlayStation 3

WWE '12 Trophies

Most Earned

Destroyer16TrophyTypeInflict heavy damage to opponent's head, arms, and legs (Single Player)
Well Scouted
Well Scouted17TrophyTypeReverse an opponent's finishing move (Single Player)
Arena Designer
Arena Designer18TrophyTypeCreate one arena in Create-An-Arena.
The Art of Submission
The Art of Submission19TrophyTypeWin by applying a submission to a heavily damaged body part (Single Player)

Least Earned

Master of the Brawl
Master of the Brawl63TrophyTypeExecute a Finisher against all 44 areas in FREE BRAWL (Single Player)
Thank You Edge
Thank You Edge30TrophyTypeWin 37 times with Edge in one session (Single Player)
Grand Slam Champion
Grand Slam Champion167TrophyTypeWin 5 championship titles in WWE UNIVERSE using a Custom Superstar (Single Player)
Legend Status Accomplishments
Legend Status Accomplishments161TrophyTypeWin 50 times on Hard difficulty or higher in one session (Single Player)
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