Volgarr the Viking (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

Volgarr the Viking (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

By the Power of Gray-Skill...
By the Power of Gray-Skill...15TrophyTypeWield the fire sword
Nothing Can Stop Me
Nothing Can Stop Me17TrophyTypeBlock a projectile with the shield while in the air
Let Off Some Steam, Bennett
Let Off Some Steam, Bennett18TrophyTypeKill 4 enemies with a single charged spear attack
Shield Gots My Back
Shield Gots My Back19TrophyTypeBlock an attack with the shield while on a rope/chain

Least Earned

Volgarr the Viking
Volgarr the Viking569TrophyTypeAquire all trophies and become a true Viking Legend!
Viking Legend
Viking Legend285TrophyTypeComplete the game with 10 or less retries (deaths)
That Was...Unexpected
That Was...Unexpected285TrophyTypeKill Fafnir before he reaches his Dragon form
Red Means Dead
Red Means Dead285TrophyTypeComplete the game and earn Ending A
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