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VirtualVirtualReality Trophies

Most Earned

Best In The West
Best In The West15TrophyTypeWell ain't you quick on the draw! Complete Tumbleweed with less than 6 falls.
Down And Dirty
Down And Dirty15TrophyTypeSweep up 10 piles of dirt.
GOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!30TrophyTypeWin a game of Tumball.
Honk If You Love Humans
Honk If You Love Humans15TrophyTypeHelp Tina simulate human domestic rituals.

Least Earned

Welcome to Activitude
Welcome to Activitude30TrophyTypeMerge with Chaz and enjoy a shiny new eternity, as seen through a single green, unblinking eye. You've sneezed your last, my friend.
We Don't Usually Hire Murderers
We Don't Usually Hire Murderers30TrophyTypeRemove all cores from Activitude's central neural hub... Do uploaded consciousnesses count as people? Oops! You're a murderer!
Vacuumaniac15TrophyTypeAccumulate over 2000TB of data with your Polycleanup Tool.
That's Not Entirely Incompetent
That's Not Entirely Incompetent15TrophyTypeInfiltrate the Archives.
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