Virtua Tennis 2009

PlayStation 3

Virtua Tennis 2009 Trophies

Most Earned

Fore!15TrophyTypeHit a line judge
Breaking the Speed Limit
Breaking the Speed Limit16TrophyTypeHit a serve over 200kph/124.28mph
One Small Step..
One Small Step..16TrophyTypeWin your first match in the World Tour
...One Giant Leap!
...One Giant Leap!17TrophyTypeWin your first tournament in the World Tour

Least Earned

Platinum1080TrophyTypeAll Trophies Unlocked
Gold Medalist
Gold Medalist85TrophyTypeUnlock every gold medal in the game
Perfect Frame
Perfect Frame73TrophyTypeClear the table of balls in order without missing in Pot Shot
Arrrrrrr!69TrophyTypeSink 3 Galleons in a single game of Pirate Wars
All Virtua Tennis 2009 Trophies