Vessel (EU)

PlayStation 3

Vessel (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Water recycling
Water recycling16TrophyTypeStomp a fluro into the turbine that created it
Perfect dry run
Perfect dry run20TrophyTypeTraverse the caves back to the workshop without water touching your light
Factory line repair
Factory line repair23TrophyTypeFix all broken machines in the factory
Running with water
Running with water23TrophyTypeFind a use for the waterfall under the workshop

Least Earned

Internal rejection
Internal rejection26TrophyTypeCreate a fluro that is it's own worst enemy
Protoplasm survey: the mines
Protoplasm survey: the mines26TrophyTypeCollect every protoplasm blob in the mines
Protoplasm survey complete
Protoplasm survey complete52TrophyTypeCollect every protoplasm blob in the game
Grand Professor of the hydrofluric sciences
Grand Professor of the hydrofluric sciences26TrophyTypeCreate every possible combination of fluro and liquid types
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