PlayStation 3

Venetica Trophies

Most Earned

Trained Roller
Trained Roller15TrophyTypeRolling training successfully accomplished
Moonblade ready
Moonblade ready16TrophyTypeHave the Moonblade repaired
Trained Villager
Trained Villager17TrophyTypeTraining in village successfully accomplished
Leather Style
Leather Style17TrophyTypeLeather mail acquired

Least Earned

Master of Venetica
Master of Venetica381TrophyTypeEarn all Venetica trophies to unlock the platinum trophy
Knowledge of the Guilds
Knowledge of the Guilds188TrophyTypeQuests of all guilds accomplished
Villainous Success
Villainous Success30TrophyTypePlay and complete the game the villainous way
Hooded Wings completed
Hooded Wings completed30TrophyTypeAll regular quests of the Hooded Wings accomplished
All Venetica Trophies