Vaccine Walkthrough

4. Story walkthrough

Dying or running out of time at any point brings you back to the main menu, so good RNG is key. With upgraded stats and collected medkits, dying after rank 3 due to enemy attacks is extremely unlikely. Your main opponent will be time, so don't waste a second of it! Silver and gold keys can only spawn in predetermined areas, but there won't be one in those areas every run through. Remember where you pick them up and check them each time you play.

Unfortunately, since the entirety of this game is randomly generated, there's only so much information I can give you. Start off by walking over to the foot of the bed and picking up the knife. Equip it in the menu and walk up to the clock in the room, going into stance and stabbing it. What happens in the next room is completely random, but you'll likely encounter a zombie. In these first 2 runs, get into fighting stance near the zombie and swipe your knife until you hit it. Once you do, back up a bit and swipe again. If you don't run into any obstacles during this, the zombie will eventually die and you'll earn:

First casualty in Vaccine
Bronze Trophy
First casualty
  • Unlocked by 62 tracked gamers (100% - TT Ratio = 1.00) 62

Explore the house thoroughly, you have 30 minutes for this initial run and plenty of time to collect items, ammo, and search for a shotgun. During your travels, you may see a box mounted to the wall with a beam of light coming from it. Interact with it and complete the very simple puzzle within, just move all the circles on the outside of the square into the square. The light will turn off and you can go back to what you were doing. At some point, you'll likely run into a Crawler. These are incredibly fast and powerful enemies that are tough to take down without upgraded aiming stats. Equip your knife and use a repellent, running into it and stabbing downwards. You'll likely kill it before the repellent wears off and save yourself from certain death. Use this strategy until your aiming skill is very heavily upgraded. Eventually, you'll reach a room with a large monster in it that can severely damage you with a single swipe. Unload all the ammo you have into it, as fighting with the knife isn't much of an option here. Once it dies, be sure to collect the custom handgun from the body. If you don't have the ammo to kill it, I suggest restarting as the custom handgun makes life much easier. Go into the room and pick up the vaccine from the desk before making your way back to the spawn room and earning the rank of Rat:

Rat in Vaccine
Bronze Trophy
Rat29 (15)
Obtain the rank Rat.
  • Unlocked by 17 tracked gamers (27% - TT Ratio = 1.90) 62

This next run gives you 20 minutes, plenty of time to explore for ammo. Knife the clock again before leaving the spawn room. Continue using the knife on zombies and repellents to deal with Crawlers. Search around for useful items and ammo as well as the light beam box. This puzzle adds in red tiles which don't allow other circles to be placed next to them. Still incredibly easy to do, so just complete it and move on. Killing the Tyrant monster again will yield a box full of ammo, either shotgun or pistol. Make use of whatever you have an abundance of from this point on. Collect the vaccine and return to spawn again for the rank of Bat and:

Bat in Vaccine
Bronze Trophy
Bat29 (15)
Obtain the rank Bat.
  • Unlocked by 17 tracked gamers (27% - TT Ratio = 1.90) 62

This new run will give you 10 minutes, not much difference. Be sure to knife the spawn clock again, but otherwise, there's no need for the knife anymore. Just blast through enemies and pick up ammo as needed if you see it. Search for the light beam box again and solve the new puzzle, which is similar to the previous one. Find the vaccine room and kill the Tyrant once again, collecting the vaccine. Before leaving though, enter into the other room opposite the door you came in from. Knife the clock in here and be prepared to quickly run back. The timer will count down twice as fast and your vision will warp, so get back to the spawn room ASAP. If you have any energy bars, make use of them now. Upon reaching the spawn room, a figure of the Tyrant will be at the side of the bed. Ignore it and go up to the bed to end the game and grant you:

Mystery solved in Vaccine
Silver Trophy
Solve the mystery of the house.
  • Unlocked by 9 tracked gamers (15% - TT Ratio = 2.62) 62

With that done, you may start anew. Ignore the clocks and puzzles this time, focusing only on finding the vaccine and curing your partner. Completing the 3rd round as outlined above, without solving the puzzles, will get you:

Spider in Vaccine
Bronze Trophy
Spider34 (15)
Obtain the rank Spider.
  • Unlocked by 12 tracked gamers (19% - TT Ratio = 2.27) 62

You're down to 9:30 minutes this time around, but with full stats, you no longer have to be concerned about dying from enemies. You can destroy pretty much everything in a few bullets, making your main concern finding the vaccine with no less than 4-5 minutes on the clock from this point on. Completing this will earn you the rank of Snake and:

Snake in Vaccine
Silver Trophy
Snake75 (30)
Obtain the rank Snake.
  • Unlocked by 10 tracked gamers (16% - TT Ratio = 2.49) 62

9 minutes now but I think you know what to do at this point. Aim quickly, don't waste time clearing enemies that aren't in your way, and only stop for keys and ammo. Completing it now will unlock:

Wolf in Vaccine
Silver Trophy
Wolf79 (30)
Obtained the rank Wolf.
  • Unlocked by 9 tracked gamers (15% - TT Ratio = 2.62) 62

8:30 minutes and the clock is ticking. Follow the instructions outlined above, returning with the vaccine again progresses you up to crocodile and gets you:

Crocodile in Vaccine
Silver Trophy
Crocodile84 (30)
Obtain the rank Crocodile.
  • Unlocked by 8 tracked gamers (13% - TT Ratio = 2.78) 62

8 minutes! You're in the home stretch now, so keep cool and find the vaccine. Making your way back this time gives you the rank of shark in addition to:

Shark in Vaccine
Silver Trophy
Shark84 (30)
Obtain the rank Shark.
  • Unlocked by 8 tracked gamers (13% - TT Ratio = 2.78) 62

This is the last necessary run you need and you only have 7 minutes to complete it! Hope for a small house with a nearby vaccine. Disregard ammo pickups entirely, only grabbing keys if you see them in their usual places. Completing this level will give you the rank of Undead as well as your completion:

Undead in Vaccine
Gold Trophy
Undead251 (90)
Obtain the rank Undead.
  • Unlocked by 8 tracked gamers (13% - TT Ratio = 2.78) 62

I hope this guide was helpful! There's very little that can be said about a game with 5 enemies and randomly generated rooms, but hopefully you get helpful RNG on your side. I managed to complete the game in under 5 hours, hopefully you can as well.

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