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VVVVVV Trophies

Most Earned

Game Complete
Game Complete16TrophyTypeComplete the game
Gravitron Beginner
Gravitron Beginner21TrophyTypeLast 5 seconds on the Super Gravitron
Bronze Run
Bronze Run22TrophyTypeWin with less than 500 deaths
Gravitron Amateur
Gravitron Amateur25TrophyTypeLast 10 seconds on the Super Gravitron

Least Earned

Master of the Universe
Master of the Universe30TrophyTypeComplete the game in no death mode
Gravitron Master
Gravitron Master326TrophyTypeLast 1 minute on the Super Gravitron
Space Station 2 Mastered
Space Station 2 Mastered81TrophyTypeObtain a V rank in this time trial
Warp Zone Mastered
Warp Zone Mastered67TrophyTypeObtain a V rank in this time trial
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