PlayStation 4

VRog Trophies

Most Earned

Adventurous Frog
Adventurous Frog16TrophyTypeCatch all Types of Insects in one Game.
Glutton Frog
Glutton Frog16TrophyTypeAchieve a 4x Multiplier.
Make a Friend
Make a Friend16TrophyTypeJump on the Turtle.
Poliwag16TrophyTypeReach 3.000 Points in Arcade Mode.

Least Earned

Legendary Frog
Legendary Frog115TrophyTypeFinish Stage 5 in Survival Mode.
Gourmet Frog
Gourmet Frog38TrophyTypeReach Stage 4 without catching Special Insects.
Goliath Frog
Goliath Frog38TrophyTypeFinish Stage 4 in Survival Mode.
Froglet38TrophyTypeReach 10.000 Points in Arcade Mode.
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