VR The Diner Duo

PlayStation 4

VR The Diner Duo Trophies

Most Earned

Burger Beginner
Burger Beginner15TrophyTypeComplete the first tutorial
Delightfully dressed duo
Delightfully dressed duo19TrophyTypeCustomize both the waitress and the chef
Now you're cooking with power
Now you're cooking with power20TrophyTypeComplete level 15
Well-done, please.
Well-done, please.29TrophyTypeBurn 50 burgers

Least Earned

The best diner in town!
The best diner in town!90TrophyTypeGet 3 stars on all normal levels
Cooking with style
Cooking with style30TrophyTypeUnlock all customizations
Holiday spirit
Holiday spirit153TrophyTypeGet 3 stars on all winter levels
Highscore Hunter
Highscore Hunter76TrophyTypeScore 2500 points in endless mode
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