VR Invaders

VR Invaders

PlayStation 4

VR Invaders Trophies

Most Earned

Who’s our damsel in distress today?
Who’s our damsel in distress today?15TrophyTypeReach Alice Gella
The debugger gave me a gun and a shield
The debugger gave me a gun and a shield16TrophyTypeComplete a level, taking no damage
Run, hide, improvise
Run, hide, improvise35TrophyTypeComplete a level, not using slow mo power
So now I'm, what, a gladiator?
So now I'm, what, a gladiator?20TrophyTypeReach x10 combo

Least Earned

A much-loved celebrity
A much-loved celebrity476TrophyTypeComplete a level and earn 3 gold stars
That damned microwave
That damned microwave40TrophyTypeFight the AI
How long's it been?
How long's it been?40TrophyTypeMeet Samuel
A bunch of disoriented bees
A bunch of disoriented bees79TrophyTypeSurvive for 3 minutes in target practice mode
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