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Posted on 04 August 13 at 08:24, Edited on 05 August 13 at 05:41
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I almost want to call it Socom for the Vita. Rightfully so, as developer Zipper Interactive happens to be the team behind Mag, Socom: US Navy Seals, Socom 4. I consider this a must have for the Vita, as it's a fun shooter for on-the-go play.

Unit 13 is a Third person shooter which runs real well on the Vita, using the dual thumbsticks and smooth processing of the Vita hardware. There's a simple plot to the game, about a military unit you belong to, and a middle eastern terrorist organization you must help take down. You get to play as 6 different members from this unit, each with unique weapons and abilities ready to tackle the different types of missions available.

There are 36 missions in the game, an online co-op mode which lets you play those missions online, a "High Value Target" mode which I'd compare to a "boss mode"--the objective of those levels being a specific boss-figure of the terrorist organization. There's also a "dynamic" mode, which pits you in any of the 36 missions, yet with random objectives and thus, random alternatives for the map. The way the maps are set up, is that there are a handful of maps, and each mission usually focuses on one or multiple "pieces" of that map. Some later missions may include the entire map, with enough objectives to cover the length of the map. At first things may look new, but halfway through the game, you'll notice different levels from previous missions connecting together. Personally I like how they approached that. Also, sometimes the missions have you going in different directions--for example, your spawn point on one mission may be your exit point on a later mission. If you're worried about it being a short game, rest easy, as you can easily burn your hours playing this title.

There's auto aim in the game, which when mastered can allow for some sweet long-range stealth headshots against enemies. It's generous, but if you're not netting headshots in this game, you risk involving yourself in firefights you may not be able to win. The enemy AI is done pretty well, in my opinion. They try to flank, spam grenades, and cover each other as they move closer to your position, to get you out of cover. It's a little on the cheap side, as enemies never run out of ammo, and sometimes they seem to be able to fire for thousands of rounds before wanting to reload. If you get killed, you'll know what I mean, as you'll see the enemies continuing to gun your corpse down after its already fallen.

Vita functionality includes: Using NEAR to receive/transmit High Value Target unlocks with other players, otherwise needing to score perfectly on missions to unlock the High Value Targets; touch screen controls to throw grenades (tap the icon on the screen, in a comfortable location) interact with mission objectives (also an icon, also conveniently placed), reload your weapon, or navigate through the menu.

The trophy difficulty for this game I'd rate at a 7/10 personally. Some of these missions can be tough, and trying to get a perfect score (or high enough to get perfectly ranked, I should say) on some missions can be troublesome at times, but it only serves to hone and grow your skills in the game, which you will need when taking on the boss missions.

Multiplayer - it even supports voice chat using a headset with a mic, and people are still playing the game as of August 2013 (was in some games earlier today playing with people). Co-op is my favorite type of multiplayer, so I thoroughly enjoy the multiplayer experience in this game. Leaderboards make it easy to stay competitive with people as well.

Sound - well done on the sound. Everything's been clear, and there's even directional sound so it's easier to hear where a planted mine is, or an enemy, even if you can't see them.

Graphics - Pull out a 3DS if you have one. Then laugh at it for its graphics. Easily this game takes advantage of the Vita's graphics. They did a good job with this, while maintaining a good framerate and no lag that I could detect while playing, even with 8 enemies on the screen and explosions happening from grenades and rockets.

Music - fills the action-packed atmosphere properly and keeps the blood pumping. Moreso a background ingredient, it helps amplify what's going on, changing when you've been spotted or when enemies are on alert, to almost non-existent when you're being stealthy.

Gameplay - if you love shooters, you're going to love this game. I don't even need to say more than that. Everything feels right.

I gave the game a 4.5/5 on TA.

Final note - if you have the luxury, go pick up some trigger grips for the Vita, preferrably the ones made by Hori (they pull down and extend to be even more prominent and comfortable while you play), because you're going to want to spend a good amount of time playing this game.

Great action-packed shooter on-the-go. Go get it! toast
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Posted on 30 September 14 at 15:06
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While there's nothing particularly special about Unit 13, it does well at integrating many of the Vita's core features into its gameplay.

It plays like your run in the mill third person shooter. You're in control of an elite military unit...each of the 6 playable members specialize in different forms of attack tactics. Certain mission types are better suited for certain Unit 13 members. For example, Ringo specializes in stealth combat, so he's best suited for...wait for it...stealth missions (bet you didn't see that coming!). You don't have to worry about trying to guess which member is best to use for which mission type since the game will recommend the best person to use during the mission breifing. Each of the 6 Unit 13 members comes with their own stat bonuses and set of arms that upgrade the more they level up (max potential lvl 10). There are 4 different mission types...direct action, covert, deadline, and elite, which is the most difficult. While the other mission types provide checkpoints throughout, elite missions don't and throws out periodic healing as well. However, checkpoints are replaced with health restores but if you die, the entire mission has to be restarted (this becomes a real pain during the longer missions). In addition to the regular 36 missions (which are periodically unlocked after completely current missions), High Value Targets can be also be pursued. HVT missions can only be unlocked if you met the minimum requirement of stars needed. Stars are awarded at the end of each mission in accordance to how well you performed. The max that can be earned are 5 per mission. There are 9 HVTs in all and 180 stars are required to gain access to all of them. The HVT missions themselves operate mostly like elite missions with respects to the difficulty and making you start all over if you die but they do allow periodic healing.

Beside this, the game does a great job at integrating the touch screen controls during regular gameplay. Its a really good balance and never feels like you're being forced to play the game mostly with the touch screen or that touch controls are merely a forgotten/gimmicky feature. Touch controls are used for common things such as changing weapons or disarming deathtraps. Online co-op is decent but for some reason if just always felt that the other person was in my way more than helping. Unit 13 also provides daily challenges in a variety of mission types which can be downloaded once everyday. They also greatly help with leveling up each member.

The story...the what? Character development...what's that? All the likely reactions Zipper Interactive must've had when developing this game. Seriously, Unit 13 is entirely mission based with no story linking any of them together. You all just have one particular terrorist group who you are trying to take down. Each mission strikes a blow to their anti-America agendas or their strong hold on certain countries. Besides the occassional remarks by each Unit 13 operative, you really never know or even get a feel for who any of these guys are or what dynamic their personality brings to the team.

My Breakdown:

What's Good:

- Solid third person shooting action
- The daily challenges adds more opportunities to advance in the game
- Online co-op is solid
- HVTs add to the game's playability
- ^ Many things to explore outside of the regular 36 missions
- Provides a good amount of challenge
- Great visuals and sound
- Integrates the Vita screen into the core gameplay very well
- The different strength and weakness of the playable operatives provides a good balance to the gameplay

What's Not-So-Good:

- The elite missions can be very unforgiving
- There can occassionally be an imbalance in mission difficulty. Some early missions can be harder than some later ones

What's Bad:

- No real story
- No character development
- No other multiplayer modes besides co-op

In all, Unit 13 does nothing to revolutionize gaming or its genre but it does do a heck of job of showing off what the Vita is capable of in these areas. With that in mind, I'd definately recomend it to any new Vita owners this earlier in the portable's lifecycle.
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