Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Reviews

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    09 Jul 2018 10 Sep 2018
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    Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (the PS3 version, not the remastered) is still a lot of fun even today, though some of the mechanics are showing their age.

    The story and characters are well written, and this game deserves a play just for them alone, however if you have played any of the later entries in the series, some of the surprises in the story may not hit you as hard. There are multiple times that I found myself laughing and I was heavily invested in the characters themselves. Just be aware that there may be more shooting and cover scenes that you would expect.

    Game Play
    The environments still look very good, however some of them are not great when compared to modern games (though since this is a console generation ago and was an early release in that generation). The character models of the enemies do get repetitive and used a lot, but there are enough enemies in the game so that it isn't super noticeable.

    Mechanics wise, there are some things that don't work great. The motion controls haven't aged well, so be prepared to be shaking your PS3 controller around at certain parts of the game. At times you will find Drake just walks off of an edge do to him having to move forward in order to turn. The cover system works but isn't perfect, you will find your self trying to roll away from gun fire, but then Nathan will slam himself into cover where you can clearly be seen by the enemies. These are minor issues that take some getting used to and figuring out the quirks to the system, but they will affect your game play and you should be aware of them.

    Last Thoughts
    Overall, this is still a great experience, even with the minor control issues you have. If you don't have a PS3 and would rather pick up the Remastered version, go for it, or find a cheap copy because it is definitely worth a play through.

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