Disney Pixar's UP

PlayStation 3

Disney Pixar's UP Trophies

Most Earned

Wings Badge
Wings Badge15TrophyTypeDefeat the first plane in the battle over Paradise Falls.
Adventure is Out There
Adventure is Out There15TrophyTypeDefeat the first wave of combat planes.
To Paradise Falls
To Paradise Falls15TrophyTypeComplete the level to start Carl's journey to Paradise Falls.
Survivor Badge
Survivor Badge15TrophyTypeComplete any Story Mode level without failing or quitting.

Least Earned

Platinum Trophy
Platinum Trophy205TrophyTypeUnlock every Trophy in the game.
Ellie Badge
Ellie Badge102TrophyTypeComplete all of the Quest Cards for a special badge.
Multiplayer Extras
Multiplayer Extras102TrophyTypeUnlock the extra Multiplayer Combat Maps.
Shoveling Badge
Shoveling Badge17TrophyTypeDig up all of the hidden bones using Dug.
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