UFC Undisputed 3

PlayStation 3

UFC Undisputed 3 Trophies

Most Earned

Willingness18TrophyTypeSelect a guided tutorial
Finish the Fight
Finish the Fight108TrophyTypeAfter a KO or TKO, land 4 finishing blows and win the match.
Making it Rain
Making it Rain19TrophyType10,000 or more shop points accumulated.
Training Expertise
Training Expertise43TrophyTypeObtain a 4-star score in a Training Game with a fighter in Career Mode.

Least Earned

A Quarter Down, Three to Go
A Quarter Down, Three to Go319TrophyTypeClear 25% or more of all game modes.
Running a Clinic
Running a Clinic197TrophyTypeTransition to all of the ground positions.
Getting A Leg Up
Getting A Leg Up192TrophyTypeDefeat a COM on Advanced or higher in Exhibition or Tournament Mode with each Leg Submission.
History is Best Both Ways
History is Best Both Ways157TrophyTypeObtain a 100% completion score with both fighters in a fight in Ultimate Fights Mode.
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