UFC Personal Trainer

PlayStation 3

UFC Personal Trainer Trophies

Most Earned

Let's Get It Started
Let's Get It Started15TrophyTypeComplete the Fitness Test.
Streaky17TrophyTypePerform 100 gesture streaks in the game.
Flawless Fighter
Flawless Fighter21TrophyTypeComplete 1 Hit the Mitts routine without missing any strikes.
1 Hour Photo Finish
1 Hour Photo Finish24TrophyTypeWork out in the game for an hour.

Least Earned

Training Devotee
Training Devotee433TrophyTypePerform a workout every day for 100 days.
Quite Accomplished
Quite Accomplished433TrophyTypeSuccessfully complete all the Accomplishments.
Platinum Trophy
Platinum Trophy2596TrophyTypeEarn all Trophies in UFC Personal Trainer.
Fully Pledged
Fully Pledged153TrophyTypeComplete all three 60-day programs.
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