Typoman: Revised (EU)

PlayStation 4

Typoman: Revised (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

The First Word
The First Word15TrophyTypeFinish the Prologue.
Lost in Fear
Lost in Fear18TrophyTypeFinish the 1st Chapter.
Wordcrafter18TrophyTypeCraft 30 Words.
Quotation Hunter
Quotation Hunter20TrophyTypeCollect 12 Quotations.

Least Earned

Platinum342TrophyTypeCollect all trophies.
Antonymizer28TrophyTypeBeat the Antonymizer Mini Game.
Typoman166TrophyTypeStart over and don't die ever. Okay too hard.. don't die more than 5 times!
Writer151TrophyTypeCraft 300 Words.
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Typoman Trailer Spells Trouble

Using words to solve puzzles is definitely a unique way of gaming, but Typoman challenges you to do just that. Take a look at the trailer to see just how words might save your skin in this game.

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