Trulon: The Shadow Engine

PlayStation 4

Trulon: The Shadow Engine Trophies

Most Earned

Be quick or be dead
Be quick or be dead30TrophyTypeDefeat all the enemies in a single round
Unscathed90TrophyTypeWin a battle without taking any damage
Apt Pupil
Apt Pupil30TrophyTypeListen to all the advice from Marcus
Card Collector
Card Collector90TrophyTypeCollect all the tactics from random battles

Least Earned

Speedhunter90TrophyTypeComplete the game in less than 5 hours
Pokerface30TrophyTypeWin a battle using only Wildcards
Overpowered90TrophyTypeDeal over 2000 damage with one attack
It belongs to a Museum!
It belongs to a Museum!90TrophyTypeCollect all the hidden treasures.
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