Trinity Universe

PlayStation 3

Trinity Universe Trophies

Most Earned

Seeker of Victory
Seeker of Victory15TrophyTypeWin in battle 30 times.
Everybody's Hero
Everybody's Hero16TrophyTypeDefeat more than 100 monsters.
Power of the Earth
Power of the Earth16TrophyTypeTotal Damage in a Fury Chain exceeds 10,000.
Seeker of More Victory
Seeker of More Victory18TrophyTypeWin in battle 100 times.

Least Earned

The Platinum Prinny
The Platinum Prinny516TrophyTypeAll that work for this, dood?
Game Maniac
Game Maniac86TrophyTypeGet over 1,000,000 Evaluation Points.
Space Activists
Space Activists246TrophyTypeDrift 100 dungeons out of orbit.
Space Tourists
Space Tourists40TrophyTypeLet yourself drift out of orbit 50 times.
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