Trials Fusion Trophies

Full list of all 51 Trials Fusion trophies - 26 bronze, 18 silver and 7 gold.

The base game contains 16 trophies, and there are 7 DLC packs containing 35 trophies.

Add-on: Riders of the Rustlands

Riders of the Rustlands

01,101397 (36%)1-2 h
Riders of the Rustlands
  • -1

    Beat level -1 in 'The Magnetic 10' challenge on 'Junkyard Funk'

    2 guides
  • Ticket Out of Here

    Complete the 'Slumdog Billionaire' challenge on 'Rags to Riches'

    1 guide
  • Swallowed Whole

    Complete the 'Wormfood' challenge on 'Gone to Waste'

    1 guide
  • Squirrel Scavengers

    Find all 3 squirrels on Riders of the Rustlands

    1 guide
  • Top Dog of the Turf

    Pass all tracks on Riders of the Rustlands

Add-on: Empire of the Sky

Empire of the Sky

0699146 (21%)1-2 h
Empire of the Sky
Add-on: Welcome to the Abyss

Welcome to the Abyss

0661269 (41%)1-2 h
Welcome to the Abyss
Add-on: Fire in the Deep

Fire in the Deep

0673105 (16%)
Fire in the Deep
Add-on: Fault One Zero

Fault One Zero

5566215 (38%)1-2 h
Fault One Zero
Add-on: After the Incident

After the Incident

0528184 (35%)1-2 h
After the Incident
  • Rhetoric & Romance

    Go on all 5 dates with SynDI on After the Incident

    1 guide
  • The End?

    Pass all tracks on After the Incident

  • Level Up

    Reach floor 10 on 'The Tower'

  • Underdog

    Beat a score of 40,000 on 'Final Frontier' whilst riding the Roach with the Frontier BodyKit

  • Dumbstruck

    Complete the 'Lightning Rod' challenge on 'Static Discharge'

Add-on: Awesome Level MAX

Awesome Level MAX

01,14390 (8%)
Awesome Level MAX