Transformers: Dark of the Moon

PlayStation 3

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Trophies

Most Earned

Chapter I
Chapter I31TrophyTypeComplete Chapter I on any difficulty.
Road Kill
Road Kill31TrophyTypeDestroy 30 enemies while in vehicle form in Campaign.
Chapter II
Chapter II32TrophyTypeComplete Chapter II on any difficulty.
I know what I’m doing!
I know what I’m doing!16TrophyTypeChange into vehicle form before reaching the change form tutorial in Chapter I.

Least Earned

AllSpark255TrophyTypeUnlock All Trophies.
Completionist125TrophyTypeDestroy all hidden TRANSFORMERS symbols in Campaign.
Fleet of Foot
Fleet of Foot21TrophyTypeWhen one Driller arm is attacking, avoid all attacks in Chapter VII.
Autobots are Weak!
Autobots are Weak!21TrophyTypeDefeat all 3 waves in Megatron's Lair without dying on Hard Difficulty in Chapter VI.
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