Disney Pixar Toy Story Mania!

PlayStation 3

Disney Pixar Toy Story Mania! Trophies

Most Earned

Clean as a Whistle
Clean as a Whistle16TrophyTypeSuccessfully dodge all the pies in a single shooting gallery.
Laser Blaster
Laser Blaster16TrophyTypeDestroy 20 targets with the Laser power up in a single shooting gallery.
Accuracy16TrophyTypeThrow 20 balls in the distant holes in Wild West Alley Ball Challenge.
Spread the Love
Spread the Love16TrophyTypeDestroy 20 targets with the Spread Shot power up in a single shooting gallery.

Least Earned

Perfect Aim
Perfect Aim212TrophyTypeEarn all trophies.
Crack Shot
Crack Shot106TrophyTypeTake out the meteor and the UFO with a single rocket in Invasion of the Space Raiders.
Master Terraformer
Master Terraformer35TrophyTypeTerraform all terrain at the same time using the TNT Powerup in Terraformal Event.
Pleased Plesiosaurs
Pleased Plesiosaurs18TrophyTypeKnock down 25 plesiosaurs in The Jurassic Shore.
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