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    04 Dec 2015
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    Toy Soldiers: War Chest

    I had a lot of fun with this game. If you like tower defense games in which you can take control of individual units, this is not the best out there, but it is fun. I personally found the challenges in every level to be challenging and as of now, it is glitched from getting those challenges done and getting the platinum is impossible. That is a big turnoff to some. There are 4 awesome unlockable characters like He-man and G.I. Joe, but a good statement turns bad when you find out you have to buy them. I have no problem paying for DLC i feel is worth it, but when you lock out the best part of your game at $5 a character... you just lost me. (actually ubi-soft lost me on that when i bought the watch dogs season pass and got one short DLC they made seem long by having to grind out side stuff)

    However, if you don't mind a glitched platinum or looking at those 80's cartoon characters begging you to buy the ability to play with them throughout, this is a fun little game. I played probably around 8 hours and earned 13 of 24 trophies. 435 out of current 2,934 TT score. Looking at that ratio of points it seems many people stopped where i did. I did have a problem with the online element. I went to play a local coop game for a couple trophies and found that both profiles need to be on ps plus. I was able to activate a free 2 day pass in game for my wife's profile, but that seemed a little silly to have to do that for local coop.

    The game is solid tactically with having to make choices of which towers to build and what to upgrade on the different towers. There are a lot of options that get unlocked as you play and it makes it pretty deep strategy wise. I found sometimes the first time in a level that I was building completely wrong and when i saw which enemies spawned which turns and where at, it made it a lot easier after the first time. The levels can be a little long with having so many rounds but i think that is necessary to find and adapt your tower building strategy.

    Fun, good controls, challenging, and people that grew up in the 80's can enjoy some nostalgia. This is a good game to play with kids, but keep in mind the ps plus requirements for each player.

    Pay walls, ps plus walls even for local coop, impossible to get the platinum at the moment, and it might actually be too challenging at times for younger players or players not good at tower defense tactics.

    I would give this a 6 out of 10 (3 stars). That is a good rating for me and means that i did like it. I pointed out things i did not enjoy in my review because it might make a difference to you, but as of writing this, the game can already be bought for $20 or less so if you find it in a bargain bin a few months down the road i recommend it. You can get much more than 8 hours out of it if you aren't engrossed in fallout 4 and guitar hero live... rock
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    redknightalexFirst of all, thanks for pointing out right away that this plat is unobtainable. That's certainly a turn-off for me, particularly when there are quite a few decent tower-defense games out there.

    I could have used more information on how the game plays, like how this game really differs from Final Horizon or Defense Grid 2. Overall, nice review and a thumbs-up.
    Posted by redknightalex on 19 Mar 16 at 19:32
    Paully005Nice review, think I'll pass on this one.
    Posted by Paully005 on 15 Jul 16 at 13:58