Tower of Dragonasia

Tower of Dragonasia

Tower of Dragonasia

Tower of Dragonasia Trophies

Full list of all 60 Tower of Dragonasia trophies - 52 bronze, 6 silver, 1 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Wily Dragon

    Clear level A-15.

  • Taste of Dragon Blood

    Defeat your first dragon. (At least it's more economical than making soup out of their fins.)

  • Almost Midnight

    Defeat 36 dragons. (>,^)

  • Dragon Slayer

    Defeat 500 dragons. (If you were a dragon, you'd be dead. Err, wait...)

  • Puzzling Dragon

    Defeat 1000 dragons. (You're truly a top-rated dragon.)

  • Grumps In

    Clear the first level of both towers with both starting characters without having read through the instructions. (He's grump, she's grump. Who else is grump here?)

  • World of... Dragonasia?

    Clear a level again with a new dragon. (Some things make look different, but it's mostly the same level.)

  • The Superior Fox

    Clear a boss level playing as that boss. (Hoiyah! Ha! MISSION COMPLETE!)

  • Do Dragons Dream of Otterrific Sheep

    You have died. (Turned to custard like all our hopes and dreams.)

  • Blue Dragon

    Defeat Ordecoane Rondraken in the bonus boss level. (A knight of the Grail Code, Ordecoane has sworn his life to upholding valor and virtue, defending the weak and undoing the wicked. Though such ideals are deemed old and outdated, he believes they necessary to save King Budgerigar from the mysterious Tower.)

  • Red Dragon

    Defeat Carmine Sulfurwing in the bonus boss level. (A young esquire to the Dragon Knights, Carmine dreams of climbing the ranks and becoming the royal family's personal bodyguard. When King Budgerigar is taken to the mysterious Tower, she takes the opportunity to prove her worth.)

  • Serpent Dragon

    Defeat Maoluong Xinai in the bonus boss level. (An aged dragon from an ancient time, Maoluong is the last descendent of the fabled Dragon Gods. Past his prime to continue his bloodline, he rises from the sea of his ancestors in search of the mysterious Tower, knowing he will find cosmic peace within.)

  • Birb Dragon

    Defeat Testdra Ellioton in the bonus boss level. (Driven by an insatiable greed unparalleled even among dragons, Testdra comes to the mysterious Tower not to avenge his fallen brethren but instead to aid their demise in hopes of gaining its ruler's favor, and the potential gold and untold riches it comes with.)

  • Frankensteinian Dragon

    Defeat Lunella Tengu in the bonus boss level. (Until her creator returns, Lunella's sole purpose is to protect the tower where she was crafted and 'born' from intruders. Sometimes though, she can't help but feel prisoner to her own artificial body, and perhaps she may find her true purpose by leaving the tower walls.)

  • A Dragon's Tendance for Battle

    Enter the training room with both starting dragons. (Is that a you-know-what reference?!)

  • Dragons Who Crusade Through the Stars

    Enter the training room with every dragon. (Now that you're ready to fight, you can approach whoever you want.)

  • Flying on a Golden Wind

    In the training room, have the flightless dragon sandbag fly for 7 seconds. (Maybe these clipped wings aren't so muda muda muda after all.)

  • Fight Like a Road Roller

    In the training room, attack the flying dragon sandbag at least 25 times. (Spin it to win it! And don't worry, spin can help that disabled sandbag fly again.)