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Tower of Balloons: Otterrific Arcade
Type Game
Publisher Otterrific Games, LLC
Platform PS4
Discovered 15 Jul 2021
Last check 15 Jul 2021
Last on sale -
Release date 14 Jul 2021

Soar to the skies above as a mighty dragon... with balloons?

Welcome to Tower of Balloons, a standalone arcade mode featuring Testdra the dragon! Help Testdra stay afloat in the nonexistent tower by hopping off balloons, gliding on his feathery wings, and leaping off of enemy dragons! With a limitless number of friendly balloons and dangerous enemies inbound, how long can you survive?

Otterrific Features:
- Assume the role of Testdra the furry-avian dragon! When he’s down, there’s nowhere to go but up!
- Compete for high scores on a local scoreboard! You see that champ in the mirror? Well, assert your dominance against, uhh, yourself, by beating your own score!
- Adjust the game speed as needed for your most comfortable experience.
- Arguably fun times galore!
- No out-of-place or intrusive ecclesiastical quotes from me! Games are just games! Have fun!
- Did I mention you play as a cute, furry dragon?

Do you have what it takes to help Testdra survive this crazy frenzy of balloons?

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