Touring Karts (EU) Trophies

Here is the full list of all 46 Touring Karts (EU) trophies - there are 24 bronze, 20 silver, 1 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Touring Karts God

    Complete All Trophies

  • Turbo cola

    Basic powerup. An extra speed for a few seconds. We're not sure if this would pass dopping control.

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  • Shield cola

    Basic powerup. A cool drink that turns you into a ghost and will be immune to adversaries’ attacks for a few seconds.

  • Warrior chicken

    Mix Chicken + Bazooka A big chicken that poops explosive barrels in its path. Use it on a straight line full of cars and you'll get an evil smile on your face.

  • Mini-bomb Area drink

    Mix shield cola + Mini-bomb: This special drink will make all nearby enemies small. Use it to crush those insects!

  • Ghostly turbo

    Mix turbo cola + shield cola: Enjoy the speed of ultra-fast, fully automated driving. A delight!

  • Ice Area drink

    Mix Ice cube + Mini-bomb: A very refreshing drink that will freeze all nearby opponents. Say goodbye to the heat!

  • Red bazooka

    Mix Bazooka + Turbo cola: A bazooka specially designed to attack the first without failing. An incredible gift for the leader!

  • Monkey bananas

    Mix Banana + Shield cola: A flying monkey obsessed with throwing bananas will appear to the first 3 racers. Chaos guaranteed!

  • Ghostly Hammer

    Mix hammer + Shield cola: Turns you into a ghost and will be immune to adversaries’ attacks and keep the hammer. A 2x1 offer in full force!

  • Banana XL

    Mix a banana + Enlargement cola: A huge banana that is very difficult to dodge. Leave it in the middle of the track or give it directly to your “best friend”

  • Hypnotic monkey

    Mix banana + Ice cube: A flying monkey with hypnotic powers will appear to the first 3 racers. Right-left, left-right was never so complicated to drive!

  • Shield cola XL

    Mix shield cola + Enlargement cola: The final soda! You will remain immune to your adversaries' attacks much longer.

  • Ice cube

    Basic powerup. Turn your enemies into a refreshing ice cube.

  • Explosive hammer

    Mix Hammer + Bazooka: A special hammer that activates bombs with timer to all touches it. Cool!

  • Bazooka

    Basic powerup. Fire projectiles at your adversaries. Direct and without complications Boom!

  • Mini-bomb

    Basic powerup. Shrink your enemies. Size matters!

  • Hammer XL

    Mix Hammer + Enlargement cola What's better than a crushing hammer? a giant crusher hammer. Of course!

  • Banana Area drink

    Mix Banana + Mini-bomb A flying monkey armed with bananas will appear to the first 3 racers. They deserve it!

  • Bazooka XL

    Mix Bazooka + Enlargement cola: An improved version of the standard bazooka: Bigger, faster and of course: More destructive! Who wants more?

  • Hammer god

    Mix hammer + Turbo cola: A very famous compact hammer that discharges electricity to all nearby adversaries.

  • Turbo cola XL

    Mix turbo cola + Enlargement cola: The ultimate energy drinks. Instant maximum speed to overtake all your opponents without exception.

  • Frozen hammer

    Mix hammer + Ice cube: An extra-long frozen hammer that will cause an instantaneous descent of the temperature of everyone who touches it. The winter is coming!

  • Monkey hammer

    Mix hammer + Mini bomb: A very special drink that will invoke a monkey with giant hammers to all the nearby adversaries.

  • Red chicken

    Mix chicken + Turbo cola: It is very similar to the normal chicken, but it is so fast that your adversaries will not have time to react. Surprise!

  • Yellow chicken

    Mix chicken + Banana: A chicken with addiction to bananas that will leave a trail of bananas in its path.

  • Chicken

    Basic powerup. A giant hen capable of crushing your adversaries. Note: No animal was damaged in the making of this video game.

  • Chicken XL

    Mix chicken + Enlargement cola: A chicken so giant and huge that it will be seen from space. Maybe we're exaggerating a little.

  • Chicken hammer

    Mix chicken + Hammer: What if a giant hen caught a giant hammer while running? Check it out!

  • Ghostly bazooka

    Mix Bazooka + Shield cola: It's a technologically improved bazooka that won't be detected by your enemies and can pass through buildings. Hi-tech!

  • Frozen Chicken

    Mix Chicken + Ice cube: A giant chicken that's pooping ice? Really? Here it is!

  • Tiple chicken

    Mix Chicken + Mini-bomb: Instant chicken cloning! Now you have 3 hens, so: triple destructive power

  • Red banana

    Mix banana + Turbo cola: A banana genetically modified to emit electricity and affect all nearby enemies. Cool!

  • Ghostly chicken

    Mix chicken + Shield cola: The ultimate secret weapon: A giant hen capable of crossing buildings and running over water. I want it!

  • Frozen bazooka

    Mix Bazooka + Ice cube: A bazooka that freezes opponents. Why not? It’s “cool”

  • Banana bazooka

    Mix bazooka + banana: A bazooka that fire bananas and will turn you into a true banana master. Monkey’s word!

  • Monkey hammer

    Mix banana + hammer: A flying monkey with huge hummers will appear to the first 3 racers. Jump, jump to the rhythm of my song!

  • Hammer

    Basic powerup. A huge hammer capable of hitting your enemies directly.

  • Ghostly ice

    Mix Ice cube + Shield cola A powerful, large ice cube capable of passing through buildings

  • UFO Area drink

    Mix Mini-bomb with Turbo cola: This special drink will summon a small UFO that will levitate all the nearby cars. Wow!

  • Banana

    Basic powerup. Your enemies will slip like never.

  • Triple bazooka

    Mix Bazooka + Mini-bomb: A bazooka that allows you to set 3 targets. 3 is always better than 1, isn't it?

  • Red ice cube

    Mix ice cube + Turbo cola An ice cube that applies extra frostbite and is also red that is cooler.

  • Big UFO

    Mix Mini-bomb + Enlargement cola: A giant UFO that follows you and will abduct your close adversaries.

  • Enlargement cola

    Basic powerup. You'll grow twice your normal size. Crush them!

  • Ice cube XL

    Mix Ice cube + Enlargement cola: This giant ice cube is not only bigger but is also capable of freezing many opponents at once. Throw it in a straight line and watch!

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Touring Karts FAQ
  • How many trophies are there in Touring Karts?
    There are 46 trophies in Touring Karts - 24 bronze, 20 silver, 1 gold and 1 platinum.
    You can view the full list of Touring Karts trophies here.
  • Is Touring Karts on PlayStation Plus?
    No, Touring Karts is not currently available on any PlayStation Plus tier.
  • When did Touring Karts release on PlayStation?
    Touring Karts was released on December 12th, 2019.