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Toukiden 2

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Toukiden 2 Trophies

Most Earned

The Slaying Begins
The Slaying Begins15TrophyTypeEncounter an Oni.
Higher Learning
Higher Learning15TrophyTypeEquip Demon Hand for the first time.
Press Slay to Start
Press Slay to Start16TrophyTypeBe officially anointed as a Slayer.
Hero of the People
Hero of the People17TrophyTypeDestroy all the body parts of a large Oni.

Least Earned

Slayer of Legend
Slayer of Legend537TrophyTypeObtain all of the trophies in "Toukiden 2."
Mitama Savior
Mitama Savior264TrophyTypeObtain all of the Mitama available in "Toukiden 2."
Defender of the Eye of Truth
Defender of the Eye of Truth258TrophyTypeClear all of the available missions in "Toukiden 2."
Not Easily Forgotten
Not Easily Forgotten84TrophyTypeObtain all of the crests available in "Toukiden 2."
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Weekend Headlines Feb 17-19th Part 2: Trailers

Following on from the announcements, we now have a rather large number of trailers that were also revealed over the three day period.

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