Toro! Let's Party !

PlayStation 3

Toro! Let's Party ! Trophies

Most Earned

Unusually Up-On-Things
Unusually Up-On-Things15TrophyTypeI'm Kuro, a cool and styling black cat. Mew… Introduce me to any cute chicks. Mew… Don't need any good-looking guys. Mew…
Aiming for World's Strongest
Aiming for World's Strongest17TrophyTypeYo! I'm Ricky! As you can see, I'm a frog. Ribbit… Despite how I look, I am training to be the World's strongest. Ribbit...
Goblin Toro
Goblin Toro18TrophyTypeYou got Rank A in the [Goblin Toro] game! Meow…
Wanderlust Travelers
Wanderlust Travelers19TrophyTypeNo one invited me but…bo-bo-bo-BOING! I'm Jun, the wanderlust travelers' idol. If you fall for me, you'll get burned!

Least Earned

Tennis Meister
Tennis Meister114TrophyTypeYou beat the legendary [RacqueToro] in [Tennis] game! Meow…
Played TORO ! Let's Party !
Played TORO ! Let's Party !684TrophyTypeThis is proof that we earned all these trophies! Meow… To get all of them is ama, ama, ama amazing! Meow… Toro is going to play more and more with you!
All SSS342TrophyTypeYou got Rank SSS in all game! Meow… Congratulations! Meow…
All S
All S114TrophyTypeYou got Rank S in all game! Meow…
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