Top Gun: Hard Lock

PlayStation 3

Top Gun: Hard Lock Trophies

Most Earned

Ace Pilot
Ace Pilot15TrophyTypeDestroy 5 aircraft
Splash One
Splash One15TrophyTypeGet your first air-to-air combat kill
Shake Down
Shake Down16TrophyTypeComplete mission 01 - Welcome To The Gulf
OK-3 Landing
OK-3 Landing17TrophyTypeMake a successful landing on your first attempt in any mission

Least Earned

The Pattern Is Full
The Pattern Is Full425TrophyTypeCollect all other trophies
Perfect Record
Perfect Record213TrophyTypeGet gold stars on all 15 campaign missions
Test Pilot
Test Pilot68TrophyTypeFly every aircraft in the game at least once
Got Your Frag
Got Your Frag34TrophyTypeScore 10 "Got Your Frag" bonuses whilst destroying a target in a hard lock.
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