Top Gun

PlayStation 3

Top Gun Trophies

Most Earned

I feel the need...
I feel the need...15TrophyTypeAwarded after 3 afterburner boosts.
Jester’s Dead
Jester’s Dead17TrophyTypeJester is shot down at any point by either you or your wingman.
Gutsiest move I ever saw..
Gutsiest move I ever saw..21TrophyTypeFirst plane locked onto with missiles when in CFI and then successfully killed.
Close But No Cigar
Close But No Cigar21TrophyTypeMission 4 (1st playthrough – Viper wins).

Least Earned

The Pattern is Full
The Pattern is Full648TrophyTypeComplete all of Prologue, Top Gun Academy and Indian Ocean with all planes (any difficulty).
That’s Right, I am Dangerous
That’s Right, I am Dangerous132TrophyTypeComplete all 3 of the hidden runs.
You’re Dangerous
You’re Dangerous53TrophyTypeComplete any one of three hidden flight runs.
Top Gun
Top Gun42TrophyTypeMission 4 (2nd playthrough – Player wins).
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