Top Darts (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

Top Darts (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

First Win
First Win15TrophyTypeWon first game
Your Dart
Your Dart17TrophyTypeDesigned a dart
Snapper18TrophyTypeCaptured image for avatar or photo board, or used video board
180!20TrophyTypeScored 180 with three darts during any Classic x01 game

Least Earned

TOP DARTS™!900TrophyTypeMedal darts for all games (any difficulty)
Fully Stacked
Fully Stacked118TrophyTypeCompleted Level 20 of Stack-Up
League Beater
League Beater340TrophyTypePlaced top of world class league
All Rounder
All Rounder38TrophyTypePlayed through all games (result irrelevant)
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