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Most Earned

It's All About The Kicks
It's All About The Kicks15TrophyType[TJ&E] Dash with the Super Hitops.
Wh-wh-what Time Is It!?
Wh-wh-what Time Is It!?17TrophyType[TJ&E] Wake up from a nap.
Up, Up, And Away
Up, Up, And Away18TrophyType[TJ&E] Fly using the Icarus Wings.
We're Unstoppable
We're Unstoppable18TrophyType[TJ&E] Fly across water using the Rocket Skates.

Least Earned

Smell Ya Later, Earth!
Smell Ya Later, Earth!50TrophyType[TJ&E] Clear the Fixed World.
Word Up! Back To Outer Space!
Word Up! Back To Outer Space!147TrophyType[TJ&E] Clear a Random World.
The Long Road To Funkiness
The Long Road To Funkiness49TrophyType[TJ&E] Obtain a rank of FUNK LORD.
Even Adults Like Presents
Even Adults Like Presents22TrophyType[TJ&E] Snag some goodies from Santa.
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