Tiny Metal (JP)

PlayStation 4

Tiny Metal (JP) Trophies

Most Earned

Every Victory Counts
Every Victory Counts15TrophyTypeWin any mission
Commander In Chief
Commander In Chief127TrophyTypeRank up any unit to Rank 13
Good Boss
Good Boss42TrophyTypeRank up any unit to Rank 5
Health Insurance
Health Insurance127TrophyTypeHeal an Rifleman to full health at a city

Least Earned

Winning with the knife
Winning with the knife90TrophyTypeDestroy a tank with an Rifleman's attack
Veteran of the Zipang Incident
Veteran of the Zipang Incident90TrophyTypeComplete the single player campaign on normal difficulty (Act I ~ IV)
Preparing for the Guard Dog
Preparing for the Guard Dog90TrophyTypeComplete MX04 mission on New Game+ difficulty
Lone survivor
Lone survivor90TrophyTypeWin a mission with only 1 surviving unit
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